2/22/2010 - What is Public Health?

What Does Public Health Have To Do With You?

Do you brush and floss your teeth?

If you bike to class- do you where a helmet and use the bike lanes?

If you drive to class- do you buckle your seat belt?

If you walk to class- do you use the crosswalks?

If you do any of these things (and let's hope you are doing some of them)- that's public health at work!

We invite you to join Sherlonda Clarke, Coordinator for Diversity and Experiential Learning Programs, for the workshop "What is Public Health?" You will learn the basics of public health, how to become a competitive candidate for admission and scholarships, and why public health needs you.

What is Public Health?
Wednesday, February 22, 2012
4:30-5:30 PM
Appleby Hall Room 41

Please RSVP by Monday, February 20 to Jasmine Omorogbe

The UMN School of Public Health is one of the best in the country. Because it is such a vast program- many students may not know all that a degree in Public Health has to offer. If you have any interest in nutrition, community education, women's health, children's health, health disparities, or health policy, Public Health may be a great fit for you.

This event is presented by the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence and the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

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