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Membership in Pi Chapter will be accepted at any time

Membership Renewal form -- 2013-14.docx

Active Members list 2012-13.pdf
LIFE Membership list 2012-13.pdf

Chapter Membership brochure.pdf
ESP Membership Benefits brochure.pdf
"An Invitation to Life Membership" brochure.pdf
ESP Membership Benefits (ppt).pdf

Qualifications/Categories of Membership

     Full Annual Membership
Open to all county, regional, and state Extension program and administrative professionals, who have served in Extension for three or more years and support the purpose of this organization. Full membership includes membership in both the state and national associations.
     Associate Annual Membership
Open to all county, regional and state Extension program and administrative professionals who have served in Extension less than three years, and includes membership in only the state association.
     Life Membership
Life membership shall be granted to all qualified members in good standing who have left extension or at the time of retirement upon payment of dues specified by the executive committee.
     Chapter Only Life Member Annual Membership
Retired members who choose not to pay the lifetime membership dues, may pay annual state dues to enjoy the full membership privileges of the state association.

Benefits of Membership

  • 2011-12 Board Goals.pdf
  • Extension personnel united across disciplines, units and program areas.
  • National platform to give scholarly presentations.
  • Building leadership, communication and teamwork skills.
  • Connecting personnel and retirees to build networks, continuity, and support for the Extension System and related issues.
  • Access to scholarships and mini-grants.
  • Recognition system for excellence in Extension programs.
  • Life and Annual Members have full membership privileges (including voting, holding office).
  • One director on the Board represents annual membership and one director represents life membership.
  • Pi Chapter