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Chapter 4 - Reading from Chapter 5 in the McClintok book...

I jost lost my entry about the McClintok book (c. 1992.) I was thinking about this link to Dr. Beach's Chapter 4 and realizing how much was being suggested -fifteen years ago! - about using technology, promoting collaborative learning, and "rethinking" the classroom, the schedules, and the resources. I was assessing how much has changed in my classroom over the past ten years. MUCH is changing now.

What I had written up in the blog that just disappeared into "blog-space" was a description of a wiki assignment I am going to try with my senior honors students - an opportunity for them to explore the lively renewal of interest in Austen's works. Most of my students and colleagues have not used wiki's, and I am excited to challenge these students to create non-fluffy, highly polished collaborative products that analyze the renewal of interest in Austen's "little piece of ivory" books. Caution: You may do a podcast, create a slide show, or film a short video. You may create a Q/A column, a recipe book, or an analysis of the new PBS series of Austen's works...but whatever you do, do not select your "product idea" based on your love of writing or music or visual display. You need to ask yourself: What is the most profound thing I can say about how strongly independent and thoughtful this author was? THEN, ask yourself what is the bst avenue for your to convey your best critical thinking.