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Blogs and Wiki's

Just a quick blog on some of the "new to us" media activities we have been doing recently. The students examined the use Jane Austen makes of letter-writing in her novels, and we had some lively blogging on that topic using a limited-to-school Moodle account. From an informal survey, I would say that 85% of them liked the novelty of blogging, but most agreed that they were surprised to find the English teacher asking them to "blog." I plan to do some further "surveying" about that next semester. Most were familiar with blogging, but none had ever been asked to blog as an assignment.

Challenged to look at the universality of Jane's themes - and aided by a very worthy DVD produced by the makers of "Becoming Jane" - THE MOVIE - the seniors examined Jane's value as an independent, critical thinker who was able to break-through some of the gender and class issues of her time period! To that end, they created Power Points, DVD's, and podcasts for the "piece of ivory" wiki.

I would like to post this to OUR wiki, but I cannot do so at this time. I am working with our school system's technology personnel to help me convert the format of some of the work the students did so I can post them. The work is good, and the technology is moving in the right direction. It's progress.