Nature over Nurture

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Growing up, I lived on the same block as my three best friends. The four of us are each 20 years old now and have been friends for +15 years and have each chosen very different life paths. Two of us now attend amazing universities and two of us didn't even graduate high school. We all had loving middle class parents who raised us to further our education and succeed. Now this is where my question comes in. We were all raised in very similar ways (nurture) but we have made very different life choices. I don't want to give too much about my childhood because who really cares but since we talked about nature vs. nurture in class I have been thinking about how nature definitely has the ability to beat out nurture. I mean our upbringing wasn't a controlled experiment but it's easy for me to compare it to one. When we read about the Bogle family in class, my immediate opinion was that nurture caused each family member to be the way they are. But by looking at my friends, I definitely know that there's always a mixture of both nature and nurture. You can't eliminate genes that get passed down through families, but parents have to take special caution with raising their kids (nurture) if they know that alcoholism runs in their family, or something like that. I guess nature is inevitable and each set of parents has to come up with their own plan for raising their children that brings out the good side of nature and works on the negative genes.

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