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900 dead pigs found in Shanghai river

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China found more than 900 dead pigs floating in the Shanghai river that is a drinking water source for residents Thursday, news sources report.
Officials say they are investigating where the pigs came from, reported the Star Tribune.
They haven't found any evidence that the pigs were dumped in the river or of any animal epidemic said the city's Agriculture Committee's in a statement posted on their website Saturday. The statement also said officials started retrieving the pigs Friday night and by Saturday they had counted and disposed of more than 900, according to the Star Tribune.
According to the China Daily news website, Shanghai residents use the river as a drinking water source, reported BBC.
An inquiry has been launched to find evidence of where the pigs came from. Officials say measures are being taken to monitor the quality of the water, according to BBC.

With several players of the Mound Westonka High School boys hockey team suspended Friday and not able to play in their sectional playoff game Friday night for participating in their school's rendition of the "Harlem Shake" dance, the hockey season for Mound Westonka came to a disappointing end, news sources report.
Dion Koltes, the school's activities director and one of the disciplinarians involved in the suspensions, had to be escorted from the section quarter final game by police officers, WCCO reported.
Parents were shouting at Koltes and blaming him for the team's loss. One parent yelled at Koltes, "You have no idea what you did to these kids," according to WCCO.
The suspensions cost the team five skaters and the regular goalie, reported the Star Tribune.
Koltes confiscated the video camera from a group of students that was using to record their rendition of the viral dance craze, the "Harlem Shake," so that they could submit it to be played during a weekly school broadcast and post it on YouTube. About two dozen students supposedly took part during the school lunch hour, jumping up onto lunch tables and dancing, according to the Star Tribune.
According to students, later in the day students involved were suspended and cited by police for disorderly conduct, reported the Star Tribune.

Country singer dead at 37

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Mindy McCready, country music singer who topped charts with her hit album, "Ten Thousand Angels," died Sunday night at 37 years old from an apparent suicide in her Heber Springs, Ark. home, news sources report.
Deputies from the Cleburne County Sheriff's office found McCready on her front porch with a single self-inflicted gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene after they were dispatched to her home at around 3:30 p.m. today, reported ABC news.
In recent years the country star has received more media attention for her troubled personal life than her music. McCready has reportedly struggled with substance abuse, served time in jail and been fighting a lengthy battle with her mother over the custody of her son in recent years, according to ABC news.
The Huffington Post reported that "According to TMZ, McCready attempted to take her own life twice before."
Her boyfriend also died of a self-inflicted gunshot would in January and since then McCready has had her two children taken away from her and has been struggling. She's also made several trips to rehab, appearing on Dr. Drew's reality show "Celebrity Rehab" in 2010, according to the Huffington Post.
McCready told ABC Radio in 2010, "You know what, I don't think I'm ever going to be one of those people that has a normal, quiet exsistence," reported ABC news.

St. Thomas may name a woman president

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St. Thomas may go against years of tradition and name a woman and non-priest president of the University Thursday, news sources report.
With official members of the board declining comment to say who the finalist are, Julie Sullivan, executive vice president and provost at the University of San Diego (a Catholic university), was identified as the candidate by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, according to the Star Tribune.
The job has been previously held by a Catholic priest since the school was founded 127 years ago and voting is slated for this Thursday, reported the Pioneer Press.
But in 2011, a bylaw was changed that allowed a Roman Catholic layperson, or religious person, which Sullivan is, to serve as president. That change was made knowing the current president, the Rev. Dennis Dease, was nearing retirement and with his leave opened the search for a successor that followed the Catholic University trend of laypersons serving a presidents, reported the Star Tribune.

Superdome power outage delays Superbowl

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Nearly half of the Superdome lights went out Sunday night early in the third quarter halting Superbowl XLVII, news sources report.
With the Baltimore Ravens leading the San Francisco 49ers 28-6, lights went dark in the New Orleans' stadium. This was just minutes after Ravens' Joby Jones ran back the opening kickoff that started the second half with a record 108 yards for a touchdown, CNN reported.
Play resumed about 34 minutes after the last play, according to CBS, which broadcasts the game. During the light restoration process, fans largely followed directions to stay in their seats and players threw around a football. Subsequent announcements were issued by the NFL, the Superdome, and Entergy, the utility service that powers the Superdome, acknowledging what happened without saying the problem, according to CNN.
Philip Allison, a spokeman for Entergy New Orleans, told Fox News that the power had been flowing into the stadium right up to when the lights went out.
"All of our distribution and transmission feeds going into the Superdome were operating as expected," he said.
When play resumed, the 49ers scored two straight touchdowns a nearly pulled of a "game-winning drive." Despite San Francisco's rally, however, the Ravens kept them out of the end zone to ensure a 34-31 victory, reported Fox News.

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