January 15, 2009

My family

This is new to me, I have never blogged before so I thought I would tell about my family. I have four children, they range from 23 to 9 years old. My husband owns a construction company and we raise registered Angus cattle also. There is an assortment of other farm animals that are probably 4-H projects or once were, currently calling our farm home, including horses, dogs, cats, goats and our seasonal creatures, sheep, hogs and poultry. I enjoy raising the kids on the farm as I feel they are giving the opportunity to experience life in a more hands-on way than other youth. Responsibility for another living creature is awesome and of course we deal with death sometimes as well. Birth, good-byes, sickness, daily care and more keep my kids busy and learning constantly. They all enjoy having the animals and I hope will be better, kinder people for it.