ESUP Impact on EGMS

Due to the ESUP cutover, EGMS will be unavailable (this includes both Proposal Prep and EGMS forms in Forms Nirvana) from Friday, 4/17-Sunday, 4/19. Please plan accordingly. If you have any questions please contact the EGMS helpline.

Participant Cost

The option to include Participant Cost as an expense in compliance with 2CFR 200, Uniform Guidance is not yet available in EGMS Proposal Prep for Federal Sponsors (except in NSF budgets where this choice has always been a possibility). Check the Uniform Guidance Implementation PI Quick Guide for more information on charging Participant Support Costs.

NIH or other Federal Sponsor budgets can be created in EGMS with the NSF model to achieve the correct calculation of F&A if the user wishes to include Participant Costs, but it cannot be flowed over to the PRF correctly.

If you have any questions on how to implement these costs in an EGMS budget please contact the EGMS helpline at 612-624-1600.

The roll-out for this feature is anticipated in mid-Winter, 2015.

System Status

Issues with EGMS? More information is available at the OIT System Status page

FY15 Fringe Benefit Rates

EGMS will be updated with the new FY15 Fringe Benefit Rates Sunday the 8th of June. The FY15 fringe rate matrix distributed by the Budget Office can be found here. Please keep in mind that, under the University's Simply Fringe model the new rates apply to all employees, both full time and part time, who are in the rate group.

PRF Questions

Answers to some of the more common PRF questions can be found here

Salary Cap New 1/08/15

EGMS has been updated to reflect the Salary Cap increase effective January 11, 2015. The Executive Level II salary cap was increased 1 percent from $181,500 to $183,300 by Public Law 113-235. More information is available regarding the NIH salary cap increase at NOT-OD-15-049.

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EGMS Modificati‚Äčon for NIH Proposals

EGMS has been modified to reflect the new 2% future inflationary rate for NIH (398 kit) proposals as outlined in NIH Policy NOT-OD-11-068.

If you have EGMS questions please contact the helpline at x41600.

IMPORTANT: 398 Forms

EGMS Proposal Prep 398 forms can not be used for submission to NIH. See Revised PHS 398 Now Available for additional information. Continue to use EGMS for budget calculation purposes.