April 30, 2004

War on Terrorism

I found this interesting piece on the CNN. L.Paul Bremer, the current US administrator in Iraq, had criticized Bush on terrorism prior to the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. For more information, read it here.

But the most interesting, and perhaps most insightful statement that Bremer made during his speech at the McCormick Tribune Foundation Conference on Terrorism (February 26, 2001) was the following:

"If you call it a war, you suggest there's a victory. I would argue there

is no final victory in the war against terrorism any more than there is

in the so-called war against crime."

I could not possibly agree more.

Look around, people. Look at the developments of post 9/11 policies of the US on terrorism. The mission to Afghanistan. Iraq. The Israeli-Palestinian road map. In Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden and key operatives of the Al-Qaeda network is still at large. Al-Qaeda, as an organization may have been weakened but the extremist ideology they propagate continues to be embraced , especially in the Middle East. And oh, Thailand too, look what's happening in the southern province of Pattani.

Over a year ago, the Bush administration launched "Operation Iraqi Freedom". "Saddam Hussein must be removed", Bush said, "in order to quell increasing terrorist threats". Militant-initiated insurgencies continue to thrive, killing hundreds of The Coalition troops. Hopes for peace and stability in the Middle East continues to be shattered by gunfights and bombings in Najaf, Falluja and heck, even Saudi Arabia is now a target. Israel-Palestine? Forget about it. The extra-judicial killings of the two leaders of the Palestinian Hamas by the Israeli forces amounts to murder (arguably, too, "state terrorism") and can never be justified. All it does is promise a new wave of attacks on Israeli settlements, and the tragic occurence of bloodbath, chaos and mayhem will continue to repeat itself.

There is no such thing as a victory in the war on terrorism if the US remains unilateralist, and continuously devise policies that merely "nip the buds". Grassroot solutions are much needed, and this requires a more collective effort from every nation. The US can choose to flex its muscle, and continues to do so perpetually. There can be no end to terrorism if the world remains disunited.

Like a Malaysian proverb, "United we stand, divided we fall".

The war on terrorism will merely be another Bush administration political rhetoric, until it thoroughly addresses the grassroot issues that instigate terrorism. There is no end to it, and there can never be unless the root causes of terrorism is addressed. Something tells me it is the Israeli-Palestinian issue, or maybe in general Western intervention (or even lack thereof) in the Middle East. But hey, what do I know?

But, I do know this:

If water is left running from a tap, filling the sink and eventually flooding the kitchen, you do not stop it by mopping the floor. It is an act that is perpetual in duration and worthless in value.

But if you turn off the tap, empty the sink and mop the floor, the kitchen is flooded no more.

Solutions to the global terrorism threat must be addressed from the grassroots -and fast. Maybe then we would have a chance of victory in the war on terrorism.

Posted by moha0163 at April 30, 2004 10:09 AM