April 19, 2005

One Tree Hill!!!!

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After growing up on opposite sides of the tracks in the same small town of Tree Hill, North Carolina, the two boys' lives suddenly collide when a twist of fate puts Lucas on Nathan's high school basketball team and the half-brothers compete, not only for control of the court, but also for the heart of Nathan's beautiful girlfriend Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton, MTV's TRL).

One Tree Hill T.V. series is one of my favorite t.v show. I have been watching it ever since it came out and the reason why is because there is alot of dramas involved in, and being young adult i can relate to the things that these young people go through in their daily basis. They are in the dating dramas which i am going through myself and the frienship fights and the things that young adult stress about. I felt like i share a common ground with those people especially when i was back in high school because back in high school i was always involved in drama that had something to do with boys and in this series two best friends are also stressing out about young men and they made their whole life be about men. They think that every step that they take is being watched by those young men that they see around, and with that being said, i do the same way sometimes. I feel like sometimes i am being watched by men. They feel miserable if one of those men does not call and they feel sick to their stomach so therefore i could certainly understand where they are coming from, because being on the stage was i felt like men are everything to a woman and the only way that a woman could be happy is through men. My perspectives about men is somewhat deminishing just because i am becoming an educated woman and feel like that i don't need to revolve my whole life aspect around men, and i as a person is the only person that can make myself happy. Perhaps, I switched my thoughts around and changed my point of views because it has been a year sice i 've been out of high school, but i still love this show and it reminds me of my old day and my days as right now in a different angle.

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April 11, 2005

Light Rail Journey

Before I took the Light Rail a lot of things were swarming into my head. I thought it would be like a real train and go at a fast pace without really taking any consideration of itís name. The reason why it was named "light rail" is because it would not be like any other train in the country and so forth. I also thought that people who would be riding this train would be only people from lower class, not corporate people. I did not know that there would be police men in the train that ticketed if one did not purchase his or her ticket in advance. Basically, I was really excited it about the whole train experience because I never got to experience it before but in the end I found out that the light train is like taking a city bus and it goes super slow just like the metro transit buses. I guessed that could be the reason why the light rail is part of the metro transit association because it is not a real train.

I got out of the Light Rail train on the 5th and Nicollet Mall after riding it from Mall of America. What I noticed about this particular station is that it has a sign that says Light Rail Station and it has the deporter time and everything. It's high above and when you are walking by it you get the sense that it's a Light Rail station. Plus, the way the station is also situated is too obivios that it's a train station. You will automatically see the ticket machine and so forth. With that being said I chose to use the concept Synecdoche because without the sign you would not know it's a train station; by seeing the sign I knew it was a station without seeing the entire thing, and it's explanatory. That sign gives a sense of direction to the whole Light Rail station.

Picture of Light Rail Station

Article About Light Rail Transit

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April 4, 2005


I would want to make an arrow in down town Minneapolis the corner of 4th and Hennepin right by the "gay90" and it would say smile when you are passing by this corner. I think it's good to respect and accept people for who they are and it's good to not discriminate someone just because that person is from a different sexual orientation or race, and a lot of times when striaght people walk by that corner or the gay90 they roll their eyes in a disgust, so there for this arrow might change their point of views in a bit. It would also be fun to have smiley arrow at some place like that one because it's right in down town and alot of things go on. for more info please check out-

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