Palin, the cheerleader

This feature in the New York Times is about Sarah Palin's popularity - or lack thereof - among women voters in the United States.

Palin was introduced to country by the Republican Party to bolster John McCain's popularity during the elections. Not only did she decrease McCain's ratings, as the feature points out. She has divided Americans, "with less than a third of Americans saying that she is qualified to be president and less than half saying they view her "favorably" ... [But] those who still love her, really love her ..." 

Women are much less likely than men to think Palin is qualified for the presidency, and their dislike of her has less to do with politics than with their personal frustrations that an incoherent "cheerleader" could potentially "sashay" herself to the Oval Office.

"Pretty and popular, with no apparent interest in studying, she's the one who industrious girls were tacitly promised would not succeed in the real world," Belkin said.

I think this is a trend story because although it touches on Palin's persona, it focuses more on the bigger picture of what voters have been thinking, and it's a hot-button topic right now.

Interestingly, even Palin's own party is questioning her ability, perspective and experience, although Conservative men "love her." Belkin ends the feature with the admission that Americans enjoy watching Palin fail, and that she will never get anyone's respect.

This is a very engaging feature because it starts off reminding us of who Palin was last summer before the sudden media craze over her seemingly new approach and her new book.

The Palin ex-fan Belkin quoted at the beginning of the feature epitomizes how Palin is losing many female voters she needs because she is uninformed and embarrassing.

I think a few more quotes from another woman would have been interesting - maybe a quote from a strong Palin supporter to see why she's still sticking to Palin when the trend seems to be the opposite.

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