Leadership week 4

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My definition of leadership is being courageous enough to represent something that one believes in or is passionate and enthusiastic about. It is setting an example and taking on the role of bringing together a group of people however big or small for a common cause. Leadership is also having the ability to guide others and portray the image that you are willing to support and take control in the hopes of succeeding. Positive versus negative leadership has a big impact on the success achieved in an area of work that requires leadership. There are 6 styles of leadership. Those are the coercive style, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, pace-setting and the coaching style.Of all of those coercive is the least effective.
One's values have a significant impact on their values as a leader. Part of being a good leader involves being aware of what you need to accomplish and how you're going to go about doing that. Our actions speak louder than our words so present yourself in a manner that will be respected by others. There are many different forms of leadership. It is up to the individual to decide what works best for them depending on the situation they are placed in.

I added a new paragraph for this week's definition. What changed is that through this week's readings I learned that there are many different forms of leadership and I included that in my definition. In the article Deciding what you believe (Terry, R. (n.d.). Deciding what you believe http://eres.lib.umn.edu/eres/coursepage.aspx?cid=2195&page=docs) those forms are discussed.

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