Leadership week 12

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Another way of approaching leadership and group work in general is the concept of intentional efforts. Intentional efforts make change possible. If one aspires to change something to what they desire than an intentional effort must be made, so that desired change becomes attainable and in turn successful. An important aspect of being a leader is wanting to see change happen and being motivated to apply yourself and achieve your goals.

When being a leader details matter. It is good to focus on the big picture of what you are trying to accomplish but the little things also affect the outcome of your goals. Steve Jobs is an example of a successful leader. He was not only incredibly smart and proactive he also utilized team work efficiently to make his apple products as near perfect as possible. Diversity is also another important aspect of Job's team that he encouraged. He had people from all different backgrounds working for him so they all brought something different to the table.

This week's definition changed from lasts' because I added an example of a successful leader. I also included the value of diversity in my definition of leadership. Finally, I emphasized the importance of details when being a leader.

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