October 4, 2010

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News from Around the Libraries
- The Role of Libraries Groups
- EthicShare's Expanded News Stories and Blog Coverage
- Libraries IT News: September/October 2010 Update
- Updated International Student Brochure Now Available
- Verde Officially Implemented
Staff Tidings and Kudos
- Interim East Zone and HSL IT Manager
- Lisa Johnston, President Elect
- Kris Fowler on Leave
- Scott Spicer Member of Panel Discussion
- Welcome Timothy Engerstad
Upcoming Events
- 48th Annual James Ford Bell Lecture
- National Open Access Week Activities
- Save the Date: Libraries Instruction Forum

Tips, Tricks, and Tools
- Receive Your Alerts in RefWorks Via RSS
Workshops, Training Sessions, Brown Bags, etc.
- OED Calendar Posted
- Staff Education and Development
- Minitex
Exhibits at the Libraries
- 50th Anniversary of the University of Minnesota Women's Center
- Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America;s Women Physicians
- Hispanic History Month
- Inventive Women: Portraits of Scientists and Engineers
- Matteo Ricci and the Jesuits in China
- Researching the Past: Historical Newspapers at Wilson Library
- Time Frames and Other Stories
News from Around the Libraries
The Role of Libraries Groups 
The University Libraries achieves its goals through the work of individuals, units, and groups.  Increasingly, the Libraries draws on expertise from multiple sectors of the organization in order to address complex problems and strategic directions.  Groups afford a context in which to coalesce expertise, but also to develop an understanding of the breadth and depth of the Libraries enterprise.  As such, group membership provides an opportunity to both utilize and develop staff talents and knowledge.
Given the critical role of groups, we have developed a document to describe some of the common types of groups and also to articulate the important roles and responsibilities of sponsors, chairs, and members.  We hope this description will help us all better understand how groups advance our goals and also recognize the vital contributions of staff in these contexts.  And reflective of the way the Libraries works in groups, this resource was developed in consultation with staff.  This is available on the Wiki at: https://wiki.lib.umn.edu/Staff/Groups and in a pdf document at: https://netfiles.umn.edu/xythoswfs/webui/_xy-16584458_1 .
- Wendy Lougee
EthicShare's Expanded News Stories and Blog Coverage
Recently, we added more news sources to our Ethics in the News section on EthicShare's home page at: http://www.ethicshare.org .  We now include bioethics related article citations from:
- BBC News 
- National Public Radio (NPR) 
- ProPublica 
- Time 
- Wired 
- Washington Post 
- New York Times 
- Los Angeles Times 
- Chicago Tribune

We have also created a new feature called "Blogging Ethics".  This section can also be found on EthicShare's home page at: http://www.ethicshare.org .  In this section, you will find a list of recent postings from blogs such as bioethics.net, Medical Futility Blog, Practical Ethics: Ethical Perspectives on the News, Biopolitical Times weblog, Global Bioethics Blog, Health Care Organizational Ethics, Institutional Review Blog, Lost in Translation, and The Research Ethics Blog.  Check it out and let us know what you think!
- The EthicShare Project Team: David Naughton, Chad Fennell, Kate McCready, Stephen Hearn, Cecily Marcus, Frazier Benya, Amy Donahue, Tony Lam, and John Butler
Libraries IT News: September/October 2010 Update
Web Site Redesign
Through late spring and summer, the Web Services Steering Committee led an intense, highly collaborative Libraries web site redesign project, which had numerous core IT components (e.g., systems architecture, Drupal programming, interoperabilities between multiple backend systems, interface theming, etc.).  On August 15, 2010, the University Libraries launched the redesigned main web site at: http://www.lib.umn.edu/ .  This new main web site attempts to be more user-centered and was built based on user and staff feedback in the form of five rounds of usability testing and three surveys conducted over the course of the four month project.  User response so far has been overwhelmingly positive, and log statistics suggest that our home page is being used more now than it was at this time last year.  With the main site redesign completed, attention now turns to the migration of unit web sites into the Drupal platform.
Primo Developments
Under the direction of the Primo Management Group, a number of significant improvements were made to Primo (MNCAT Plus), the Libraries default interface to the online catalog and more.  Specifically, in August, Primo was upgraded to version 3 with left-anchored title search and ability to sort results by author or title.   Also, a new MNCAT Plus banner and color scheme that is more aligned with the redesigned library web site was implemented, as was a new "all campuses" search scope and the way in which availability status is presented.
bX Recommender News 
Use of the Libraries new recommendation service (offered via the SFX menu) is increasing. Since the beginning of August 2010, bX recommendation links were clicked more than 7,500 times, with titles in areas of health sciences, psychology, and business most frequently followed.
New HathiTrust Book Download Capability 
Through a new authentication method, UMN users of HathiTrust can now:
1) download full PDF of public domain and open access works
2) create permanent collections using HathiTrust's Collection Builder tool
By contrast, unauthenticated users cannot download public domain of Google scans to comply with HathiTrust's requirement to guard against systematic downloading.  This new authentication method to HathiTrust (called Shibboleth) is accomplished through the use of the user's UMN x.500 ID and password and not credentials specific to HathiTrust.  Try it out at: http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/wayf?target=https%3A%2F%2Fbabel.hathitrust.org%2Fcgi%2Fmb or click on the Login link from either the Full-Text Search or Collection Builder pages.
Public Workstations Replacement
It's time to refresh the computing equipment we provide in our public spaces - 200 public computer replacements are on order and should arrive sometime in October 2010.  Computer Support technicians will need to prep the hardware, create the common image (Operating system, Office, browsers, media viewers, notation software, etc.), then formulate a plan of deployment that does not interrupt the students' and/or Libraries' schedule.  To the extent possible, installation of new equipment will be orchestrated with the implementation of new authentication procedures for all public computers.
Interlibrary Loan Direct Request Pilot Program 
Enterprise Technology (ET) staff provided holdings data from SFX and license data from Verde to OCLC's WorldCat knowledge base so  ILL and Minitex staff could participate in the Direct Request for Articles (DRA) pilot.  The program should simplify the way libraries share electronic resources such as journal articles and eBooks.  The WorldCat knowledge base provides detailed lists of the electronic resources in our library's collections, as well as license data that allows us to indicate which journal titles and collections we have the rights to share through interlibrary loan and instructions about how they may be loaned (e.g., print and send, print and scan, etc.).  The project will help staff more efficiently process incoming requests for electronic articles we own and are licensed to loan.  ET intends to extract and send 'holdings' and license data to OCLC on a monthly basis.
Government Documents Record Load
In August, Enterprise Technology (ET) staff loaded over 115,000 government document records from the University of Wisconsin.  The records were loaded with 'suppressed' status and provide a catalog record for Gov Docs staff to use as they move to consolidate government documents from Wilson Library, McGrath Library, and MLAC.  As staff move documents, ET will batch-change location information.
Verde Developments
A number of IT-specific milestones were recently reached with Verde, the Libraries e-resource management system, including:
1) non-serial e-resource license data was loaded on September 25, 2010, which completes the data ingest
2) Verde has moved out of implementation status to support status with ExLibris
3) the Verde Disaster Recovery plan is written and a walk-through is scheduled with OIT
These activities are part of the larger Verde Implementation project, involving staff from Technical Services, Collection Development, and IT.
Google Apps Migration
As of mid-September, the Libraries staff as a whole was 99.5% migrated to Google Apps, right at the top of all University units.  This is evidence of great combined effort by the Google Migration Planning Team, Expert Users Group, and Libraries staff - congratulations all!  With the Google Apps migration completed, we now turn our attention to learning, using, and living with this suite of applications.  Look for more training classes focusing on Google Docs and Sites in the near future.  We know that life with Google isn't always perfect, but so far, it's been very interesting.  We invite you to report any problems or questions you might be having, big or small, to: autosys@umn.edu .
- Submitted by John Butler, on behalf of the Libraries IT Directors
Updated International Student Brochure Now Available
The Diversity Outreach Collaborative has updated the International Student Brochure and it has been translated into Korean and Chinese.  The pdf versions of these brochures are available on the Diversity Outreach Collaborative website at: https://wiki.lib.umn.edu/AP/InternationalOutreach , if you would like to print them.  These brochures are shared with the International Student and Scholar Services as part of their orientation to incoming international students and scholars.
- Jody Gray on behalf of the Diversity Outreach Collaborative
Verde Officially Implemented
We are pleased to announce that the lengthy project to implement Verde, our electronic resources management (ERM) system has been completed.  Members of the project team and other supporters have included:
- Betsy Friesen, ET
- Sunshine Carter, ERL, Duluth 
- Cecilia Genereux, Technical Services - Cataloging 
- LeAnn Dean, Director, Morris 
- Vic Garces, Reference and Collection Development, Law 
- Fariha Grieme, Technical Services - Electronic and Print Serials 
- John Halvorson, Technical Services - Monographs Acquisitions 
- Heather Hessel, ET
- Deb Johnson, Duluth 
- Chris Koehler, Technical Services - Electronic and Print Serials 
- Sue Koelmel, Technical Services 
- Michele Lubbers, Morris 
- Chris Meyer, Libraries IT
- Jim Stemper, CDM 
- George Swan, CDM Support Unit 
- Nicole Theis-Mahon, Health Sciences Technical Services 
- Yumiko Toyota-Kindler, Technical Services - Electronic and Print Serials 
- Stacie Traill, Technical Services -- Cataloging 
- Shixing Wen, Technical Services, Duluth 
with Fariha Grieme and Jim Stemper serving as co-chairs of the implementation team.
This work began in early 2007 and involved configuring the test instance, training, developing procedures and work flows, testing and retesting, and converting/loading data.  Verde now holds license, access, and acquisitions information where application for electronic resources owned or leased by the Libraries.  Next steps will be training staff who will need to access the data for relevant information and the creation of a Verde Management Group that will manage the product now that it has been implemented.  The final project report is available at: https://netfiles.umn.edu/xythoswfs/webui/_xy-16473657_1 .  Few projects in the Libraries take more than three years to complete and the success of Verde implementation is due to the diligence of the project team.  Please join us in thanking them for their hard work and dedication.
- John Butler, Peggy Johnson, and Charles Spetland, project sponsors
Staff Tidings and Kudos
Interim East Zone and HSL IT Manager
With Peter Weinhold's departure on October 8, 2010 for Syracuse University, we have put a transition plan in place.  Michael Winters has agreed to assume the role of Interim East Zone and Health Sciences Libraries (HSL) Information Technology (IT) Manager effective October 9, 2010 through June 2011, at which time we will reevaluate how to go forward in the context of FY12 strategic and budget planning.  Michael will move to Diehl Hall and report to Linda Watson with a dotted line to John Butler, and will work closely with Mike Sutliff, in the effective model that Peter and Mike have established.  In his new role, Michael will supervise Eric Forbis, St Paul, Steve Irons, HSL, various students, and a Walter IT support person when that position is filled.  In this transition, Chacko Kuruvilla will report to Linda Watson, reflecting the changing scope of his work to web services metrics and business analysis.  Please join me in supporting Michael in his new role.
- Linda Watson
Lisa Johnston, President Elect
Congratulations to Lisa Johnston, Physics, Astronomy, and Geology Librarian in the Physical Sciences and Engineering department, on her recent election as Vice President/President Elect of the Geoscience Information Society (GSIS), which is part of the Geological Society of America (GSA).  The annual GSA/GSIS conference will be held here in Minneapolis next year, so Lisa will be doubly busy!
- Janice Jaguszewski

Kris Fowler on Leave
Kris Fowler, Mathematics Librarian and Collections Coordinator for the Physical Sciences and Engineering (PSE), begins a three-month professional development leave on October 11, 2010.  Her project involves studying the scholarly communication behavior of mathematicians, and she intends to publish her findings.  Meghan Lafferty, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Librarian, will serve as interim Collections Coordinator for PSE and will also replace Kris temporarily on the Scholarly Communication Collaborative.
- Janice Jaguszewski
Scott Spicer Member of Panel Discussion
Scott Spicer is attending the Annual Conference at the Consortium of Colleges and Universities Media Centers this week and will participate in a panel presentation on outreach.  He will speak about the program he is developing here to provide support for students on multimedia production.  Spread the word, Scott!
- Janice Jaguszewski
Welcome Timothy Engerstad
Please join me in welcoming Timothy Engelstad as the new LA2 in Walter Library Circulation.  Tim is the new Evening Circulation Desk Supervisor and will be responsible for processing binding and preservation.  Tim comes to us as a former student employee who worked in Walter Circulation for two years.  He can be reached at (612)624-3897 or at: engel356@umn.edu .  Welcome Tim!
- Amy Lewis
Upcoming Events
48th Annual James Ford Bell Lecture
Ricci's map and its place in his China strategy, featuring Jonathan Spence, noted expert on Chinese history and culture
Thursday, October 7, 2010
7:30 pm
Willey Hall
Cost is $15 per ticket for general public; $10 per ticket for Associates of the James Ford Bell Library and Friends of the University of Minnesota Libraries; $10 per ticket for groups of ten or more; free for students with a valid ID (limit of two free tickets per student).  Tickets are available from Northrop Ticket Office at (612)624-2345 or www.tickets.umn.edu
Jonathan Spence, Sterling Professor of History Emeritus at Yale University, author of several books including, "The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci", and one of the world's leading authorities on Chinese history and culture, will deliver the 48th Annual James Ford Bell Lecture.  At the center of Spence's talk is the famous Kunyu Wanguo Quantu, Map of the Ten Thousand Countries of the Earth, a rare woodblock print produced in 1602 by Jesuit Matteo Ricci and Mandarin Zhang Wentao.
A reception, co-sponsored by the China Center and the Confucius Institute at the University of Minnesota and the US-China Peoples Friendship Association-Minnesota Chapter, will follow the lecture.  The Ricci Map is owned by the James Ford Bell Trust, and has been loaned to the University of Minnesota for the benefit of the James Ford Bell Library.  See the map, now on exhibit at the James Ford Bell Library.  More about the map, including exhibit details, can be found at: lib.umn.edu/bell .
- Libraries Communications Office
National Open Access Week Activities
National Open Access Week this year will be the week of October 18 through 22, 2010. The Scholarly Communication Collaborative is planning some campus activities for that week, including two opportunities to attend the workshop "How to Make Your Own Stuff OA,"
How to Make Your Own Stuff OA
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
3:00 pm
Magrath Library
Friday, October 22, 2010
12:00 pm
Walter Library
A complete list of activities will be out next week.
- Rafael E. Tarrago, for the Open Access Week Activities Planning Group within the Scholarly Communications Collaborative 
Save the Date: Libraries Instruction Forum 
Monday, October 25, 2010
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Room 432A, Science Teaching and Student Services (STSS)

A lot has changed around the Libraries this fall, which impacts how and what we teach: new Libraries website, Google Apps, reconfigured MNCAT, Library Course Pages, and more.  Take time to reflect and share your experiences with teaching these new interfaces and tools.  This is event is sponsored by the Instruction Coordinators and the Information Literacy Collaborative and we look forward to a lively discussion.
- Kate Peterson
Tips, Tricks, and Tools
Receive Your Alerts in RefWorks Via RSS
As an alternative to receiving alerts of new citations on your topic from indexes via e-mail, consider setting them up as an RSS feed and using RefWorks as your RSS reader.  The big advantage is being able to import the citations into RefWorks with ease. Most indexes work well, but one exception is Web of Science.  To get started, just go to "RSS Feed" on the Search tab in RefWorks.
- Julie Kelly, on behalf of the Current Awareness/Personal Info Management Collaborative

Workshops, Training Sessions, Brown Bags, Etc.
OED Calendar Posted
The Office of the Vice President and Vice Provost for Equity and Diversity (OED) has posted its 2010/2011 calendar.  Workshops focus on a wide range of equity and diversity issues in higher education.  Key/notable workshops include:
- Being an Ally in the Work of Diversity: October 7, 2010
- Developing Intercultural Skills and Competency (using the IDI): October 28, 2010
- Invisible Disabilities in the Workplace: A Guide for Supervisors: November 11, 2010
- Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention: November 17, 2010
- Appreciating Differences: November 30, 2010
- Handling Discrimination Concerns Effectively: December 9, 2010
- Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention: A Guide for Supervisors: December 16, 2010
For more information and registration visit: http://www.academic.umn.edu/equity/education.html .
- Libraries Human Resources

Staff Education and Development
Check out upcoming classes offered by Libraries Staff Education and Development (SED) at: https://wiki.lib.umn.edu/SEDP/HomePage .

Minitex offers a dynamic schedule of webinars and training sessions.  The full schedule may be found at: http://www.Minitex.umn.edu/events .

Exhibits at the Libraries

50th Anniversary of the University of Minnesota Women's Center
Through Saturday, October 30, 2010
Atrium Gallery, Andersen Library
Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America;s Women Physicians
Through Sunday, December 5, 2010
Bio-Medical Library, Diehl Hall
Hispanic History Month
This exhibit highlights the participation of Hispanic Americans in American life, media, arts, and literature.
Through Friday, October 15, 2010
Lobby, Wilson Library
Inventive Women: Portraits of Scientists and Engineers
A photography exhibit featuring female College of Science and Engineering faculty
Through Friday, December 24, 2010
Second Floor Great Hall, Walter Library
Matteo Ricci and the Jesuits in China
Through Wednesday, November 10, 2010
T. R. Andersen Gallery, Wilson Library
Researching the Past: Historical Newspapers at Wilson Library
Samples of newspapers from previous centuries that highlights the preservation issues and collections at Wilson Library.
Through December 31, 2010
Periodical Room, Wilson Library
Time Frames and Other Stories
Through Saturday, October 16, 2010
Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library

For previous issues, visit the University Libraries Monday Memo blog at: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/mondaymemo/ .
The University Libraries Monday Memo editorial policy can be found at: https://wiki.lib.umn.edu/Communications/InternalCommunications .
For items to be included in the University Libraries Monday Memo, please send all announcements to monmemo@umn.edu , before 12:00 pm the preceding Friday.

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