May 2, 2011

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News from Around the Libraries
- Call for Nominations for Governance Committees
- Discoverability 3 Task Force Launched
- The Event Formerly Known as Cram Slam
- IADS Check It Out News: April 2011
- Libraries IT News - March/April 2011 Update
- New E-Resources
Staff Tidings and Kudos
- Updates to Aleph Accounts Administration
Upcoming Events
- Join Us for the May First Friday
Workshops, Training Sessions, Brown Bags, etc.
- Association of College and Research Library Conference (ACRL) 2011 Round-Up
- Encore Presentations
- Incorporating Universal Design Principles in the Development, Delivery, and Assessment of Your Instruction
- Introduction to Cloud Computing Recording Available
- What Is Your Library Doing With Information About You? Data Privacy Requirements and Issues for Minnesota´s Libraries
- Staff Education and Development
- Minitex
Exhibits at the Libraries
- The Arts of Social Justice
- Headwaters of History
- Seed Stories: Catalogs of Life and Garden in America
- Visual Spaces, Literary Places

News from Around the Libraries
Call for Nominations for Governance Committees
The Committee on Nominations, Elections and Appointments is seeking nominations for library governance committees.  Please note that there will be a separate call for Librarian Personell Committee (LPC) and Council for Academic Professionals and Administrators (CAPA) Senate elections.  You can submit your own name or that of someone you feel would be a good candidate, with their permission, of course.  Send nominations to Mary Huismann at: by May 4, 2011.
We need nominations for:
- Library Assembly Secretary: one position, one year term.
- Executive Committee Members-at-Large: three positions, one year terms.
- The Executive Committee serves as an advisory body to the University Librarian and as the collective representative of the library personnel groups to which it is responsible.  They shall make recommendations to the University Librarian and the Assembly upon all matters of Library policy and serve as the executive body of the Library Assembly. At large Executive Committee members shall serve no more than three consecutive one-year terms.
- Committee on Research and Publication: three positions, two year terms.  Continuing members: Jon Jeffryes, Nicole Theis-Mahon.  The Committee on Research and Publication is responsible for encouraging research and publication activities by library staff, maintaining records of staff accomplishments, and for advising the Executive Committee regarding distribution of any available library funds in support of these activities.
- Committee on Nominations, Elections, and Appointments: three positions, two year terms.  Continuing members: Kim Clarke, Rafael Tarrago.  The Committee on Nominations, Elections, and Appointments is responsible for conducting elections of the Library Assembly secretary, Executive Committee at-large-members, University Senate representatives, and members of the Standing committees.
- University Senate: one senator, three year term.  Continuing senators: Carolyn Lilyard, Lisa McGuire.  Continuing alternates: André Nault, Rafael Tarrago.  The University Senators represent the Libraries at the University Senate meetings.  The senior senator shall submit quarterly reports to the Libraries Assembly.  Other senatorial duties shall be in accordance with Senate rules.

New this year: In response to user feedback, we will provide a wiki page where candidates may add information about themselves or link to an existing profile.  Stay tuned for further information!
This year's election will again be conducted by electronic ballot using UM Survey.  You may expect to receive ballots specific to the elections for which you are entitled to vote.
- Mary Huismann (chair), Katherine Chew, Kim Clarke, Tony Fang, and Rafael Tarrago
Discoverability 3 Task Force Launched
The Discoverability 3 Task Force (D3), described in the April 4, 2011 Libraries Monday Memo, was launched on April 18, 2011.  The final charge to the group is now available at: .
- John Butler
The Event Formerly Known as Cram Slam
The SMART Learning Commons is partnering with the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE) once again for an end-of-semester collaborative learning event.  To redirect the focus from cramming to preparing, the event has been renamed the Exam Jam and expanded from a single day to a week.  Beginning April 30, 2011, there will be extra consulting hours scheduled at SMART Learning Commons Walter Library location with various review workshops scheduled in nearby classrooms over several days.  The week-long focus on preparing for final exams culminates on Saturday, May 7, 2011, with tutors and snacks available at room 140, Appleby Hall from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and in the SMART Learning Commoms, Walter Library from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  Find more details, including the workshop schedule, at: .
- Lynell Williams
IADS Check It Out News: April 2011
Information Access and Delivery Services (IADS) highlights include:
- Google Project Increases Pace
- Binding Repair Hub Set Up at Magrath
- Wilson Bindery Preparation Gets a Redesign
- Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Upgrades to ILLiad v. 8.1
- "Get It" Expansion to Coordinate Campuses Going Well
- Update to Aleph Accounts Administration
- All IADS Meeting Coming this June
- Francine Dupont-Crocker Returns from Leave
- Tidbits
- Staff Interview with Charles Potter
All this and more at: .
- IADS Communications Coordinating Group: Elena Carrillo, Francine Dupont-Crocker, Jackie Gulbranson, and Dana Peterson
Libraries IT News - March/April 2011 Update
Primo (MNCAT) Upgrade
Primo was upgraded to version 3.0.3 April 24th and the search indexes were rebuilt.  In addition to providing the platform necessary for the trial of Primo Central, this update includes the following features:
- The ability to email records now works properly in Chrome and Safari
- Left-anchored title search is no longer sensitive to punctuation
- The new resource type "Conference Proceedings" was added
- The ability to present users with a CAPTCHA when they attempt to send an email from Primo was added
- An export limit of 30 or fewer e-shelf items was added to avoid problems caused by large exports to RefWorks
Other recent improvements to the user interface include:
- Online Access/Available at message is now clickable and takes the user to the appropriate tab
- Haven't found what you're looking for? message was restored
- Results pagination was implemented, allowing users to page through large result sets
- Monographic series are now treated as journals, improving discoverability
- FRBR versions message (See all editions and formats) was reworded and moved to a prominent display location
Unit Web Sites Migration
Web Development continues to work on migrating unit web sites to the OIT/Drupal environment.  Along with staff from migrating units, we are currently moving our two test sites, YMCA and Walter, into the production Drupal environment.  We are also considering two new unit sites to begin work on.  As part of this migration work, we are also trying to figure out how to migrate all the unique databases units put together over the years.  Specifically, in the case of YMCA and Walter, the African American YMCA database and the ISO database, respectively.  For those interested in the technical side of things, we have successfully recreated these databases using Drupal and Solr.  This important work should make it easier for us to migrate all the other unique databases that are currently on unit web sites.
EZProxy Migration
In addition to migrating unit web sites to the OIT environment, Web Development and Enterprise Technology have teamed up to migrate EZProxy into the OIT systems environment.  On May 31, 2011, we plan on switching EZProxy to OIT servers in what is known as a "high availability" environment on OIT servers.  After May 31, 2011, EZProxy will run on two servers, which should improve performance and provide a back-up mechanism should one of the servers go down.  Enterprise Technology (ET) staff are updating configuration files for EZProxy to avoid conflicts within these files.  ET staff will test functionality following the upgrade and move to the hosted servers.  As part of this migration, we have also been investigating and implementing Shibboleth, an Internet2 authentication and validation service that integrates with the campus Central Authentication Hub.  A special thanks is due to Paul Bramscher for architecting the new systems layout.
Aleph News
Enterprise Technology (ET) reports the following Aleph news items:
- Aleph Service Pack 3389 was installed in the test region in March.  Library staff are testing functionality prior to the May production implementation.
- The 2011 MeSH authority file was loaded in the test and production regions and is available now for staff use.
- Fiscal year close jobs were run in the test region in preparation for the production close and no problems were reported.
OCLC Numbers Added to Over 300,000 Records
Enterprise Technology (ET) loaded the last OCLC number backfile into Aleph on Friday, February 18, 2011.  OCLC numbers were added to 302,718 records in the catalog.  ET is automatically loading OCLC numbers back into Aleph bibliographic records and identifying conflicts with existing numbers.  This project has been a priority for ET and the Libraries, because the presence of OCLC numbers in our records is necessary for ingest into Google and HathiTrust, as well as for sending serial local holdings record (LHR) updates (needed for ILL) to OCLC automatically.  Special thanks go to Erik Biever for working out the process and writing the scripts to make this possible.
A major version upgrade of SFX (to version 4.1) was implemented in production on April 17, 2011, providing faster and more frequent Knowledge Base updates.  As part of this change and closer integration with SFX, Verde (Electronic Resource Management system) will no longer have its own Knowledge Base.  ET staff are now working with Technical Services staff to establish a schedule for SFX/Verde publishing/harvesting.
New Amazon/Barnes and Noble Lookup Bookmarklet
Web Development is pleased to announce a new bookmarklet that will make it easy for people searching for books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble to determine whether or not the University Libraries has the item.  Instead of doing a simple ISBN search in MNCAT for the item, this bookmarklet utilizes the OCLC xISBN API to first find out all the possible ISBNs an item may have associated with it.  In this way, this new bookmarklet can more definitively determine if we have the item the user is searching for.  If you would like to use the bookmarklet yourself, point your browser to: .

Staff Computer Replacement
Computer Support completed this fiscal year's deployment of staff laptop replacements.  Next in the replacement cycle will be staff and unit desktops starting with the ten units in the lab of the Wilson Maps Library.  Staff desktop replacements, in all locations, totaling about 55 units, will follow.
- John Butler, on behalf of the Libraries IT Directors
New E-Resources
American College of Clinical Pharmacy e-journals (selected titles):
Canadian Science Publishing e-journals (selected titles): 
- Jim Stemper
Staff Tidings and Kudos
Updates to Aleph Accounts Administration
For the last three months, Dana Peterson has generously handled Aleph accounts administration for the Twin Cities and Rochester campuses while Francine Dupont-Crocker was away on parental leave.  Francine's recent return to work, in late March, has prompted a review of this temporary work assignment.  It has been decided that Dana will retain responsibility for Aleph accounts administration while Francine is reassigned to other departmental priorities.  The best way to reach Dana with Aleph account questions or requests is by email at: or via fax at: (612)626-9531.  Staff can also find a lot of helpful information on the Aleph500™ Access and Security wiki site at: .  Thanks to Francine for handling this important work from December 2009 to December 2010 and to Dana for assuming its responsibility on a permanent basis.  Questions can be directed to Connie Hendrick at: or Sue Hallgren at: .
- Connie Hendrick and Sue Hallgren
Upcoming Events
Join Us for the May First Friday
Out of Bounds: Challenging the Status Quo
Friday, May 6, 2011
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Room 120, Elmer L. Andersen Library
Feel free to bring your lunch. Light refreshments will be served.
Wired Communities / Wired Lives: Social Issues in Computing
Presented by the Charles Babbage Institute
The importance of computers in modern life is well appreciated, but throughout the development of the computer industry various communities have expressed concerns about the impact of this industry on human lives and have attempted to limit or shape this impact.  This presentation examines a variety of alternate perspectives via the "Social Issues" collection at the Charles Babbage Institute.
Silences and Outbursts in the Upper Midwest Literary Archives
This session explores instances of censorship, book bannings, and other silences found in the Literary Manuscripts collection, including the Henry Miller Literary Society Papers and the correspondence of writer Brenda Ueland.
- Libraries Communications Office
Workshops, Training Sessions, Brown Bags, Etc.
Association of College and Research Library Conference (ACRL) 2011 Round-Up
Monday, May 9, 2011
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm (bring your lunch)
Room S30A, Wilson Library
A bunch of folks around the libraries attended the ACRL Conference in Philadelphia in early April.  All staff are invited to this brown bag session where ACRL attendees will share their favorite sessions, posters, themes, and other cool stuff we learned.  We will give information on accessing the conference proceedings and more.  Also, if it is more convenient, please join us virtually at: .
- Kate Peterson
Encore Presentations
Debunking the DMCA: DVDs and Digital Devices
Presented by Nancy Sims and Scott Spicer
Monday, May 2, 2011
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Room 120B, Andersen Library

Did you know you aren't allowed to make video clips off of DVDs?  Except for when you are allowed to make video clips off of DVDs!  Come learn about your (and your patrons') rights and responsibilities under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and recent related regulations.
Infinity and Beyond: Cutting Edge Strategies for Searching the Web
Presented by Kristen Mastel and Martha Hardy
Monday, May 9, 2011
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Room 412, Science Teaching Student Services Building (STSS)

In this collaborative, hands-on workshop, we will plumb the hive mind for the most savvy and useful strategies for finding information on the Web.  Come prepared to share your favorite searching tips, tricks, and techniques, both old and new.  In addition to advanced searching of Google and alternate search engines, we will explore emerging trends such as using crowd-sourcing, structured data search engines, semantic search, social search, real-time search engines, and more to find information on the Web.
Register for any of our Encore Presentations at:  or watch on UMConnect at: .
- Jan Roseen
Incorporating Universal Design Principles in the Development, Delivery, and Assessment of Your Instruction
Sponsored by the Diversity Outreach Collaborative and the Information Literacy Collaborative
Presenters: Susan A. Aase, J.D., M.S.Ed., Outreach Coordinator, Disability Services, Ilene D. Alexander, PhD, Teaching Consultant, Center for Teaching and Learning, Tim Kamenar, M.S., Disability Specialist, Disability Services, Kate Martin, M.A., Teaching Consultant, Center for Teaching and Learning
Friday, May 13, 2011
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Room 120A, Andersen Library
Register at:

Incorporating Universal Design principles promotes more learning, for more students, while increasing instructor satisfaction.  The focus of this workshop, therefore, is the application of these design principles through discussion, guided activities, and practical application to the participant's work.  Workshop objectives include:
- Establish a baseline understanding of Universal Design and how it generally applies to instruction.
- Link the principles of Universal Design to practices in design and delivery of courses, workshops, instructional resources or tools.
- Apply a Universal Design framework to the assessment and next-stage planning related to the participant?s work.

Workshop outcomes include:
- Participants will leave with strategies for incorporating principles of Universal Design into their work.
- Participants will be able to create a timeline for applying Universal Design to their work.
- Participants will be able to develop a plan for assessing their work that incorporates Universal Design principles.

- Jody Gray
Introduction to Cloud Computing Recording Available
The recording of "New Systems on the Horizon: an Introduction to Cloud Computing", presented by Cody Hanson and Betsy Friesen on April 12 and 19, 2011, is now available at: .
- Betsy Friesen and Cody Hanson
What Is Your Library Doing With Information About You? Data Privacy Requirements and Issues for Minnesota´s Libraries
Save the date for this Minnesota Coalition on Government Information (MnCOGI) spring event, part of the ongoing COGI-tations lecture series.
Speaker: Nancy Walton, Acting State Librarian
Wednesday, May 18, 2011
4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Women Venture, 2324 University Avenue West, St. Paul.  Parking is free.  Because of heavy construction on University Avenue, the best way to access this location is via Myrtle Avenue.

Librarians have a long tradition of guarding the privacy of library users, and Minnesota law protects the private data of library users as part of the Government Data Practices Act.  In spite of these protections, libraries are challenged frequently to release information on library users.  Then what happens?  Learn about real-life situations and how libraries have responded.  Nancy will describe the types of data privacy questions that are presented to the State Library and what guidance is provided.  Attendees are encouraged to come with their own questions and scenarios.  Funding for this event is through a generous grant from the National Freedom of Information Coalition (NFOIC) and the John S.and James L. Knight Foundation.
- Kirsten Clark, MnCOGI Board Member
Staff Education and Development
Check out upcoming classes offered by Libraries Staff Education and Development (SED) at: .

Minitex offers a dynamic schedule of webinars and training sessions.  The full schedule may be found at: .
Tips, Tricks, and Tools
Dropbox, GoodReader, and Evernote
You probably know that the size and weight of the iPad makes it a convenient device to carry across campus and that they're great for media, reading, and entertainment.  iPads can also be a useful tool to increase your productivity.  You can get caught up with all your reading by adding the Dropbox application.  It makes it easy to keep your PDFs and documents with you wherever you are.  Now you can autosync your PDFs on Dropbox with the GoodReader application.  Doing this offers the added benefit of annotating your PDFs in GoodReader and keeping a PDF and notes about it in one convenient place (Dropbox, GoodReader).
Are you constantly losing your notes from all your meetings?  The Evernote application is a great way to take notes at your meetings and, by using tags, you can organize your notes for future use.  Evernote also offers syncing between platforms so you have access to your notes at any computer or web device (Evernote).
Disclaimer: When considering use of this or any hosted service, note that private and confidential University data (link at: must not be stored on vendor or Internet sites or systems, unless a University contract approved by the Office of the General Counsel is in place with that vendor or site.  For questions, please contact Libraries Autosys at: .
- Jody Kempf, on behalf of the Current Awareness and Personal Information Managment Collaborative
Exhibits at the Libraries

The Arts of Social Justice
The Archie Givens, Sr. Collection of African American Literature
Through Friday, May 20, 2011
Atrium Gallery, Elmer L. Andersen Library 
Headwaters of History
Through Friday, July 1, 2011
Gallery, Elmer L. Andersen Library 
Art in Libraries
Through Friday, May 6, 2011
Throughout Wilson Library and Music Library, Ferguson Hall 
Seed Stories: Catalogs of Life and Garden in America
Through Sunday, May 15, 2011
Reedy Gallery and Andersen Horticultural Library, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum 
Visual Spaces, Literary Places
Gorman Rare Art Book Exhibit
Through Friday, May 6, 2011
T.R. Anderson Gallery, Wilson Library


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