October 8, 2012

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News From Around the Libraries
- Community Fund Drive Week One Trivia Winner
- Furniture and Non-Computer Wishlist Process
- Health Sciences Libraries Staff Involvement at Midwest Chapter Meeting
- Health Sciences Libraries Tunnel Display Project Installed
- Library Voter Registration Drive Through October 16, 2012
- Top Issues That First Year Students Face Managing Their "Digital Stuff"

Staff Tidings and Kudos
- Congratulations to Liz Weinfurter
- Dr. Harris McClaskey Passes
- Japanese Studies Librarian Departing for Princeton

Upcoming Events
- Community Fund Drive Pizza Party
- Instructional Designer Candidate Presentation
- University's Encore Transitions Program Will Begin October 19, 2012

Workshops, Training Sessions, Brown Bags, etc.
- Introduction to Aleph Report Center

Exhibits at the Libraries
- Celebrating Venice: On Land and Sea
- For the Common Good


News From Around the Libraries

Community Fund Drive Week One Trivia Winner
This weeks Community Fund Drive trivia winner is Connie Hendricks.  Connie was randomly chosen from the pool of correct responses from last week's trivia question.  Her unit will receive a bagel breakfast this week. Congratulations, Connie!

The organization that fights for racial equality in farming, teaches new farmers about sustainable practices, and will help you find a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm that will deliver shares of fresh, organic produce is the Land Stewardship Project.  Our colleague, Virginia Bach, shared why she gives to the Land Stewardship Project.  For her story, go to: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/cfd2012/2012/10/virginia-bach---land-stewardship-project.html .

Keep an eye out for the next trivia question this Thursday.  In the meantime, we urge you to participate in the University Community Fund Drive.  Pledges may be made online or at pizza events planned in the coming weeks.  It's a community effort, so everyone pitch in.
- Carolyn Rauber

Furniture and Non-Computer Wishlist Process
The 2012/2013 Furniture and Non-Computer Equipment request process has begun.  See: https://wiki.lib.umn.edu/FOM/FurnReq for information about the request process and submission forms.  The first due date is November 5, 2012.  Talk to your building Facilities and Operations Manager as soon as possible for assistance securing work cost estimates.
- Rob Strnad

Health Sciences Libraries Staff Involvement at Midwest Chapter Meeting
The Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association will hold their annual meeting in Rochester, Minnesota from October 6 through October 9, 2012.  This regional conference usually attracts about 100 librarians from throughout the nine states that make up the region.  Several Health Sciences Libraries (HSL) staff have been involved in conference planning:
- Liz Weinfurter: Chair, Publicity, and Webmaster
- Nicole Theis-Mahon: Co-Chair of Continuing Education
- Jonathan Koffel: Co-Chair of Continuing Education
- Lisa McGuire:   -- Co-Chair of Registration

Anne Beschnett is volunteering at the conference and is also presenting two papers:
- "'The Evolving Role of the Librarian in a Family Medicine Clerkship", co-authored with Jonathan Koffel and Jim Beattie
- "Seeking An Opportunity for Professional Growth: Gaining Advanced Subject Knowledge Through a Public Health Certificate Program"

Jonathan Koffel and Layne Johnson are teaching a four hour Continuing Education course titled, "LINKED: An Intro to the Semantic Web for Medical Librarians and Biomedical Information Professionals."

Jim Beattie and Dr. David Frenz are teaching a six hour Continuing Education course titled, "Think Like a Doctor."
- Lisa McGuire

Health Sciences Libraries Tunnel Display Project Installed
The Health Sciences Libraries (HSL) are excited to announce the installation of our HSL Tunnel Display Project near the Bio-Medical Library tunnel entrance.  The five panels "illuminate" the broad spectrum of their role as information specialists, a resource repository of both print and online tools, and innovative service providers that enhance the education, teaching, and research at the University of Minnesota's Academic Health Center (AHC) and the broader healthcare community.  Check out the images and messages on the five display panels.  Go to the Bio-Medical Library Facebook link at: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.488478544497971.116615.290293230983171&type=3 .  The panels were designed by Drew Sternal, LA Ink.
- Michelle Orr

Library Voter Registration Drive Through October 16, 2012
For this election cycle, the Libraries is providing the campus community an opportunity to register to vote at service desks throughout the library system.  Registration forms are available at the main service desks in the Bio-Medical, Magrath, Walter, Wilson, all branch libraries, and the Law Library.  In the first three weeks of the drive, a total of 521 completed forms were delivered to the Secretary of State's office.  The library effort has received attention this year from across campus, including the Minnesota Daily, Undergrad Update, the Brief, and inclusion in a message on the importance of voting from Jerry Rinehart to students.

Site coordinators for this year's voter registration process are:
- Jerrie Bayer and Jim Stemper for Wilson Library
- Bill Pederson for the Music Library
- Erin Schlicht for the Law Library
- Charlie Heinz for Walter Library, teh Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library, and the Math Library
- Emily Reimer for the Biomedical Library
- Julie Kelly and Marlys McGuire for Magrath Library, the Plant Pathology Library, the Natural Resources Library, and the Veterinary Medicine Library

Behind the scenes support and assistance has been provided by Elena Carrillo, Kirsten Clark, Mark Engebretson, Shane Nackerud, Dana Peterson, Jen Peters, Kate Peterson, and Emily Riha.  Funding for publicity posters was provided by Karen Williams.
- Jerrie Bayer and Jim Stemper, on behalf of the Library Voter Registration Drive

Top Issues That First Year Students Face Managing Their "Digital Stuff"
A group of librarians affiliated with the Personal Information Management (PIM) group wondered how to best match our PIM solutions with undergraduate student needs.  To answer this, they created a Welcome Week survey for first year UMN students and received an overwhelming 485 responses.  The survey asked the students the issues they face with managing their digital information, such as music, videos, images, and digital notes.  From the survey, the PIM group learned:

Students have the most trouble managing their
- Photos/Images: 161 responses or 33%
- Digital Notes: 143 responses or 30%
- Music: 100 responses or 21%
- E-books: 61 responses or 13%
- Videos: 35 responses or 7%
- Other: 13 responses or 3%

- Stuff is stored in too many places: 171 responses or 35%
- Switching or syncing devices: 135 responses or 28%
- Stuff not well named: 98 responses or 20%
- Losing files permanently: 61 responses or 13%
- Unable to open files with outdated formats: 59 responses or 12%
- Stuff too large to store or share: 42 responses or 9%
- Hard to share my stuff: 27 responses or 6%
- Keeping some stuff private: 25 responses or 5%
- Other: 7 responses or 1%

First year students like to learn new things by:
- Hands-on activity: 213 responses or 44%
- Just Google it: 135 responses or 28%
- Watch a video: 93 responses or 19%
- Read a website or blog: 71 responses or 15%
- Attend a presentation: 69 responses or 14%
- Ask a friend: 58 responses or 12%
- Other: 8 responses or 2%

The PIM group plans to use these results to develop education programs and workflows to better support these needs.  Stay tuned...
- Lois Hendrickson, Lisa Johnston, Jody Kempf, Amy Neeser, and Scott Spicer

Staff Tidings and Kudos

Congratulations to Liz Weinfurter
Congratulations to Liz Weinfurter, who was recently elected President of the Midwest chapter of the Medical Library Association (MLA).  As President-elect, Liz will begin her duties next fall by presiding over board meetings and appointing committee chairs to work on behalf of the organization, which serves nine states in the Midwest.  Liz will also give the welcome remarks at MLA's annual meeting in Chicago in 2014.
- Lisa McGuire

Dr. Harris McClaskey Passes
Dr. Harris C. McClaskey, professor at the University of Minnesota Library School from 1970 to 1982, passed away September 21, 2012 at his home in Ocean Park, WA.  The notice is at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/startribune/obituary.aspx?page=lifestory&pid=160210099#fbLoggedOut .
- Linda DeBeau-Melting

Japanese Studies Librarian Departing for Princeton
For the past two years, the libraries have shared a Japanese Studies Librarian with two other Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) libraries, the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin, as part of a pilot project.  Recently, Setsuko Noguchi, the CIC Japanese Studies Librarian, shared the news that she has accepted a position at Princeton University.  This is wonderful news for Setsuko and we wish her well in her new position.  Her last day of work for the CIC will be November 15, 2012.  Yao Chen has been communicating with Setsuko about Japanese Studies research and teaching needs since her arrival in June, and we will coordinate closely with Setsuko to document details of her collection development work and research support practices to ensure a smooth transition.
- Jennie Burroughs

Upcoming Events

Community Fund Drive Pizza Party
Thursday, October 11, 2012
11:30 am to 1:00 pm
Room 120, Elmer L. Andersen Library

To celebrate the fund drive, pizza and beverages from Pizza Luce will be provided, along with information about some of the charitable federations.  A computer will be available, in case you care to donate while you eat lunch.  There will also be parties in Walter Library and in St. Paul later this month.

Join the celebration, where the Libraries will be collecting toiletries such as, travel-sized shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, or other personal care items for those in need.  Throughout  the month of October, all Libraries staff have an opportunity to participate in the University Community Fund Drive.  Donations may be designated to a federated charity or any 501(c)3 non-profit charity.  To donate go to:www.umn.edu/cfd .
- Bill Pederson and Megan Kocher

Instructional Designer Candidate Presentation
For public presentations, Instructional Designer candidates have been asked to describe an e-learning project they designed, touching on their philosophy of instructional design, how they worked with subject matter experts, what made it work, and what they would change in a subsequent version.  There will also be time for questions for the candidate.

Candidate: Lindsay Matts
Monday, October 15, 2012
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Room S-30C, Wilson Library

Lindsay Matts is currently an Educational Technologist at the William Mitchell College of Law Library.  She has an MA in Learning Technology with a Certificate in E-learning from the University of St. Thomas and an MLIS from Dominican University.  Lindsay's resume may be viewed at: https://netfiles.umn.edu/xythoswfs/webview/_xy-14216207_1 .

Feedback on the candidates, including the candidate who interviewed last week, Austin Calhoun (go to: https://netfiles.umn.edu/xythoswfs/webview/_xy-14216206_1 ) using the Google form at: http://z.umn.edu/id2012 .
- Jennie Burroughs

University's Encore Transitions Program Will Begin October 19, 2012
A reminder that the "Encore Transitions: Preparing for Post-Career Life," the University's pioneering retirement preparation course, will be offered again starting October 19, 2012.  The four-day course is designed to help employees prepare for successful post-career lives by focusing on personal, professional, and social satisfaction, as well as timely financial questions.  For eligibility, cost, and more information, go to:http://www.cce.umn.edu/university-encore-transitions/?utm_source=brief&utm_medium=e-mail&utm_campaign=listing%2Bfor%2Bfall%2Bll%2Bcourses%2Bin%2Bbrief .
- Emily Goff

Workshops, Training Sessions, Brown Bags, etc.

Introduction to Aleph Report Center
Tuesday, October 9, 2012
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Room S-30C, Wilson Library

This training provides an overview of the Aleph Report Center (ARC) system, hierarchy of the UMN's collections, including how to run reports and data elements available for creation.  Register at: https://webapps-prd.oit.umn.edu/training/courseDetail.jsp?course=LB0320 .
- Michael Johnson

Exhibits at the Libraries

Celebrating Venice: On Land and Sea
Through Tuesday, January 15, 2012
T. R. Anderson Gallery, James Ford Bell Library, O. Meredith Wilson Library

For the Common Good
Through Friday, November 30, 2012
Atrium Gallery, Elmer L. Andersen Library




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