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Analysis: Multimedia

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For this analysis, I chose to compare a local newspaper, the Pioneer Press, with a very multimedia-heavy news organization, USA Today. I've chose to compare the two because of the Pioneer Press' role as a traditional print paper who is supplementing their publication with an online edition, and USA Today's focus on multimedia.

The Pioneer Press has a section of their website focused just on multimedia, called the Twin Cities Media Center. Within the section you have the option to look through by story subject, or type of multimedia, including photo galleries, local video, national video, and audio. Readers also have the option of buying photos. This section gives greater depth to some of the stories that run in the paper version of the Press by including more photos than are possible to include in print. However, the majority of this section is dedicated to photos. These photos and galleries are accompanied by captions, written like a typical newspaper cutline. They are short and to the point.

The USA Today homepage is filled with multimedia, like videos, a stock market chart, photo galleries, and a thumbnail photos arranged like tiles to show the day's news stories. These features complement the news stories by giving them a visual side, perhaps drawing in more readers than a simple headline might. Full stories accompany the photo tiles on the news page, probably mirroring the stories that USA Today runs in its print edition. The photo galleries are accompanied by captions describing what is going on in each photo. They are written like newspaper cutlines, very short yet descriptive.

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