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Analysis: Obituary

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For this analysis, I looked at an obituary in the New York Times for Simpsons writer Don Payne. The obituary used two sources, fellow Simpsons screenwriter John Frink, and an old interview with Payne. The quote about Payne's cause of death was attributed to Frink.

This obituary follows standard New York Times obituary style, with the lead including the deceased's name, "claim to fame," location and day of death, and age. The news value of this obituary was that Payne was a successful writer for not only the Simpsons, but also movies like "Thor." Also, he was only 48 when he died.

This obituary differs from a resume in that it digs into who Payne was as a person more than just listing his jobs and accomplishments. The reporter included a quote from an older interview with Payne, describing his nervousness when he started writing for the Simpsons. Through details like that, the reader gets to know more about Payne than just his past writing experiences. The inclusion of his family member's names also added more to drive home the fact that he was more than just a Hollywood screenwriter.

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