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Judge reverses NYC sugary drink ban

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A New York state judge reversed a ban on large, sugary beverages set to take effect on Tuesday, USA Today reports.

The ban would put a 16 ounce size limit on beverages with more than 25 calories in an 8 oz serving at locations across the city like restaurants, delis, movie theaters, and and street vendors. The ban would exclude beverages that are 100 percent juice, or milk.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been championing the ban, citing the negative health effects of sugary drinks and their link to obesity. Bloomberg maintains that the ban really isn't a ban at all, rather "portion control."

A New York state judge reversed the ban Monday, after various business groups sued the city over the impending ban, CNBC reports. Judge Milton Tingling called the ban ""arbitrary and capricious," and decreed it invalid.

Bloombreg took to Twitter to say that the city must take a stand against obesity, and limits on sugary drinks is one way to do that. He said the city will appeal the judge's decision on the ban, and believes it will ultimately be upheld.

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