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Analysis: Data

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For this analysis, I found a New York Times article about illegal internet gun sales that was posted on NICAR's Extra, Extra! blog.

This story draws on online postings for gun sales, criminal records, and past interviews/articles to flesh out this story. The reporter had to have some knowledge of searching databases to find the criminal records and interviews, Also, the reporter would have to have some knowledge of general search skills if they didn't know about online gun retailers like Armslist before reporting this story.

This story used interactive graphics primarily to show some of the online ads for weapons it describes through text. Some words in the descriptions of these ads are highlighted with a little picture of a camera next to it, which is how the reader would know its a graphic. Upon clicking on it, a small box with the ad will pop up on the page, allowing the reader to see the original ad without having to navigate away from the page. These graphics are interesting, because they give the reader to see how casual these arms dealers are in their online interactions in a way that just text really wouldn't be able to convey.

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