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Taliban attack Afghan courhouse, leaving 53 dead

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A Taliban attack that resulted in a gunfight at an Afghan courthouse Wednesday has left 53 dead, including nine attackers, USA Today reports.

An area governor in the Farah province, where the attack took place, said that the attack began when suicide bombers disguised as soldiers entered the courthouse in an effort to free 15 Taliban members awaiting trial. Two bombers detonated their bombs within the vehicles they used to reach the center of the capital city. The remaining bombers stormed the courthouse and prosecutor's office, where guards opened fire and the gunfight began.

This attack is the most deadly single attack in Afghanistan since a Shiite Muslim shrine was bombed in Kabul in 2011, Al Jazeera reports. Official report that the causalities include 34 civilians, 10 security guards, and nine of the Taliban attackers. More than 100 additional people were injured in the attack, including two court judges and one prisoner.

These types of attacks have recently spread out from main Taliban outposts in the East and South of Afghanistan, where NATO forces are stationed. Many fear that attacks will increase in 2014, when NATO troops are set to pull out from Afghanistan and leave security responsibilities to the Afghan government.

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