May 12, 2008

Service Learning

I volunteered at Volunteers of America and had a wonderful experience. I was able to help adults and peers alike to learn addition, multiplication, division, and conversion factors. There was an initial cultural and language barrier which was not hard to get over. I consider math a whole language of its own and once a person can learn it, you can transcend all other differences. I love math and find it like a puzzle. Working with people that are a completely different ethnic background as me i found that math was the easiest to teach. It was great, i would help a student solve a 'mathematical' puzzle and it would feel amazing. To see the smiles on their faces when they did finally figure it out was better than getting 'the grade'. The students and i would have a blast getting through the assigned packets and they seemed truly grateful.

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May 8, 2008

MDG Presentations

I think that our presentations where somewhat lacking. We were not able to use a power point and were only given 5 minutes. I think that a lot of ideas were expressed during the presentations, i just feel that if there was more visual stimulant it would have been more entertaining. Our group focused on the policy issue of goal #7 where other groups did other aspects. I found it interesting to see what other groups accomplished with the architecture side of the assignment. Here is the tale of last Wednesday night! :o

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May 6, 2008

MDGP cover pages

This week we were asked to develop some cover pages for our project. As I'm terrible with image editing software i was able to create some via MS paint. As many know MS paint is an awful program used by pre-teen children wasting time in their computer lab class. This first cover page was integrated into my individual paper due with the project. I used small index cards and did an ink-wash. After the ink wash i biked over to Regis Center for art and used one of their fancy computer labs. Here is the outcome:

design slide1.JPG

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March 31, 2008

Style $.$

When creating a presentation a person whats to have the right amount of style and formating. Too much style can take away from a presentation and when dealing with the Millennium Goal Project one wants to keep the emphasis on the goal/issue/topic at hand. When looking for inspiration i found this amazing competition (from Core77) :

People use a provided software to create intricate and highly complex scenes. These scenes are riddled with design elements and principles. The highly knowledgeable people creating these designs are putting many hours into the complex scenes (which must be completed around a sphere).


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March 11, 2008

Designed Environment Downfall

GRRRR!!! O.K. First off "upload file" jerk face thing can really make me angry! I just typed this thing up and i wanted a nice little picture and boom, new entry started and my existing one gone. Soo, here we go /end rant

Are we better off living in todays society? Are we better thinkers, are we less corrupt, and are we better people? As we walk through gratuitous amounts of concrete are we subjecting our mind with unnecessary confrontations and situations? What is it in todays society to survive out in the iron jungle? And as we walk through it, does our subconscious record things that will shape us into different people? There is a string of hard questions dealing with the unseen, the unknown. These are hard questions because we cannot talk to subconscious, it sits and takes in information, but can affect us greatly. The subconscious can be a good thing, it makes us hungry, thirsty, and gives us sex drive. Not bad eh, but it also makes addicts want more drugs and smokers to want more cigarettes. So here we go, if we want to search the hidden subconscious


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March 5, 2008


As human beings we take our environment for granted. Society in general believes that the earth is so large that it can contain and deal with our species short comings. Obviously we were wrong. I don't want to get into global warming and all that jazz, because i feel as if that topic has been beat to death. So lets talk about oil:


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February 26, 2008

Hey can you...


February 25, 2008


The bicycle, one of my personal favorite inventions. Consequently, I love working on them. In a perfect world I would be able to move into a third world county and help fix and donate bikes.

The bicycle has been around since the 19th century and is the most widely used vehicle at 1.4 billion in use. In a third world county a bicycle can widen ones horizons and allows the owner to cover more distance more quickly. Owning this mode of transportation where there aren't many cars could be life changing.

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February 18, 2008


Art form or not graffiti is wrong when it is done on public property or on private buildings without consent. I pass train cars everyday and enjoy looking at the works that are done there. Rarely i think of the people that have to clean it up. Mineapolis law states:

"If the graffiti is on your property, it’s your responsibility to clean it up. You will be notified by mail after the graffiti is photographed. If you don’t clean it up within ten days of being notified, the City may remove or paint over the graffiti for you and you will be billed for the cost of the cleanup."

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February 7, 2008



Being my first entry i though i may introduce myself. My name is Andrew Montgomery and i am a university of Minnesota student. I am a sophomore and I'm taking the designed environment class to get a general understanding of architecture.

This week we had some readings which were interesting. The first reading had to do with designers and if they are responsible for the work that they create. This brought to mind McDonald's ads. If you were to design an ad for McDonald's would you feel guilty making it look so delicious and like an 'active lifestyle' meal? Also, if you were the designer to develop the Panopticon, would you feel bad about making prisoners go insane?

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