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February 26, 2008

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February 25, 2008


The bicycle, one of my personal favorite inventions. Consequently, I love working on them. In a perfect world I would be able to move into a third world county and help fix and donate bikes.

The bicycle has been around since the 19th century and is the most widely used vehicle at 1.4 billion in use. In a third world county a bicycle can widen ones horizons and allows the owner to cover more distance more quickly. Owning this mode of transportation where there aren't many cars could be life changing.

Bikes have so much potential as personal transportation. They do not run on fossil fuels so the rider is not harming the atmosphere by burning carbon. In New York city there is nothing faster than a bike in Manhattan. AND, it is also a good form of exercises:


^My goodness look how obese America is^

Aesthetically bikes are extremely beautiful and i think that everyone can have an appreciation for well hand made crafts. If i cant make it to Africa I may find myself hand crafting something like this:



In the end, by building bicycles or helping people in third world countries will help the environment. In western countries i could help create a more healthy populous. Or, in a third countries I could help communities become more mobile.


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February 18, 2008


Art form or not graffiti is wrong when it is done on public property or on private buildings without consent. I pass train cars everyday and enjoy looking at the works that are done there. Rarely i think of the people that have to clean it up. Mineapolis law states:

"If the graffiti is on your property, it’s your responsibility to clean it up. You will be notified by mail after the graffiti is photographed. If you don’t clean it up within ten days of being notified, the City may remove or paint over the graffiti for you and you will be billed for the cost of the cleanup."

How do these people deem graffitit as ok? Why is it that they are aspired to do it? These questions must be taken into context of 'illigal" practices of graffiti. There are many answeres here. Many find it a way to connect to their environment. Or a way to spend time in an artistic/creative way. Some think of it as "sticking it to the man", while others want a reputation. Once case on campus has started to arise and its the use of sharpie markers on bikes:

"She asked him what he was doing and he muttered something like 'uh i'm tagging bikes blah blah blah gotta make a name for myself blah blah blah'. If you see a young, male, white, college student near the U looking like he's writing on bikes with a pen, he is. Go over there and bitch slap him."

Minneapolis's website clarifies and says that:

"If you see graffiti or any other vandalism in progress, call 911. If you are able to identify the persons involved and it leads to their arrest and conviction, you could qualify for a reward."

I would assume that 'bitch slappin" is going to be more of a reward than the city can probably give you. So please, if you see this behavior show him how strong yo pimp hand be...

On a lighter note, I enjoy graffiti. I believe it can add to buildings in certain areas. But it comes down to the people that either have to put the work in to remove it or pay out the nose to get it removed.

So those who do graffiti...STOP. The "man" is dead, reputations get you caught, and find a better artistc/creative outlet. That or stay/become a rail car rat because trains ship out fast and once they do its not minneapolis's problem any more.

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February 7, 2008



Being my first entry i though i may introduce myself. My name is Andrew Montgomery and i am a university of Minnesota student. I am a sophomore and I'm taking the designed environment class to get a general understanding of architecture.

This week we had some readings which were interesting. The first reading had to do with designers and if they are responsible for the work that they create. This brought to mind McDonald's ads. If you were to design an ad for McDonald's would you feel guilty making it look so delicious and like an 'active lifestyle' meal? Also, if you were the designer to develop the Panopticon, would you feel bad about making prisoners go insane?

During the week Tom Fisher came to our lecture and discussed architectural education. This went along with our weekly readings which first discussed how architects are becoming viewed as less in the building process. He then talks on work study and internships. This troubles me in that the majority of the students in my class will have a hard time getting reasonable internships. Fisher discusses that firms do not want to train inexperienced students to eventually have them go to another firm. He then states a few ways in which universities can help give students the experience they need. Tom suggests that universities work with firms to create a database which will hold projects that the firm is working on. For a fee the university would be able to access this database to give students real life project examples. Lastly, he stresses that Architects are not given enough time to complete their work. Architects are being forced to create high quality work under horrendous time constraints. Can creativity be summoned?

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