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Designed Environment Downfall

GRRRR!!! O.K. First off "upload file" jerk face thing can really make me angry! I just typed this thing up and i wanted a nice little picture and boom, new entry started and my existing one gone. Soo, here we go /end rant

Are we better off living in todays society? Are we better thinkers, are we less corrupt, and are we better people? As we walk through gratuitous amounts of concrete are we subjecting our mind with unnecessary confrontations and situations? What is it in todays society to survive out in the iron jungle? And as we walk through it, does our subconscious record things that will shape us into different people? There is a string of hard questions dealing with the unseen, the unknown. These are hard questions because we cannot talk to subconscious, it sits and takes in information, but can affect us greatly. The subconscious can be a good thing, it makes us hungry, thirsty, and gives us sex drive. Not bad eh, but it also makes addicts want more drugs and smokers to want more cigarettes. So here we go, if we want to search the hidden subconscious


Now we are on the same wave length lets think on how human beings were designed. Do you believe we were destined to take over the world and dominate over all other beings? In most cases kill them and take their land? I feel like clockwork has faltered here. There must have been a turning point back in history were something went horribly wrong. I'm not one to guess when that was or how drastic of a change it would have to be. But i believe that the overall values and beliefs that human beings can dominate and not coexist is bad news bears. On our current track maybe Aldous Huxley (brave new world) will be hailed in the future for being such a genius at predicting the outcome of the human race, i hope not. Maybe I'm going crazy from CO2 dumping cars and building-ed horizons. We all need a vacation, yeah. The sound of leaves in our ears and the smell of wind coming off of water.

Lol cats, as promised

*I do not endorse the use of ANY illegal drug use.