December 5, 2005

Last Goodbyes

Hello again. This is my last blog entry for class, so thank you everyone for responding(Alisha). Our finals are coming up after this week and I have alot of studying to do. Winter break is coming up after that and we get almost a month off for that,Yea! I can't wait to see everyone again, because I haven't seen everyone at home in a while. Keep up the good work with your schoolwork. You will be glad you got good grades when you get to college. Don't forget to have some fun too, otherwise you might go crazy partying trying to get all the pent up fun out of you. Anyways have a good rest of the school year, Bye!

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November 7, 2005


I was homeschooled so I had the same teacher(My Mom)all through school. She did a pretty good job most of the time. I was wondering if you have a favorite teacher. What do you like about this teacher?

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October 31, 2005

Two things to know about College

1. There is way more homework to do in college, but I spend less time in class. I spend an average of 2 and 1/2 hours in class a day. I spend about 3 hours a day doing homework.
2. I get a discount on the sports games because I'm a student here at the "U". There is one more football game left, but basketball games start on friday so I'll still have games to watch. I signed up for a five-on-five basketball league, and I have a game tonight.
Question: Are you planning on going to college when you graduate high school?

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October 24, 2005

Get to know me

My name is Josiah Monyok. I was homeschooled from preschool through high school graduation. This had advantages over public school such as being able to schedule my time differently. It had disadvantages like not ever being on a set schedule. This made it easier to procrastinate with my schoolwork.
I grew up in a small town named Jordan. It is a suburb of Minneapolis about 40 minutes south. One of the things I don't like about small towns is that everyone knows everyone, which means lots of gossip. Whenever you do something everyone finds out about it.
I love to play and watch sports, mostly basketball and football. I signed up for a intermural basketball team and my first game is tonight. I also love playing sports video games mostly Madden NFL 2006.
Here are 3 questions I have for you.
What is it like growing in a big city?
Does your family help you with your schoolwork?
What do you like to do in your free time?

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October 12, 2005


The major thing about my school that was different from Lincoln was that I was homeschooled. Everyone in my family was taught by my mom. I never had school close down because of too much snow. My dad did a pretty good job of keeping the house in good shape also. We always had enough supplies to do our schoolwork. Money was always really tight but my dad was able to support homeschooling and food and shelter for us. My town is 98% white and the average income is about 32,000. Lincoln has a much larger group of diversity, and their average income is around 20,000. The fact that my mom was my teacher made me very comfortable in my school. I never had to worry about getting beat up or hurt in my school. Alot of kids from Lincoln don't feel comfortable or safe.

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On monday we watched a video in class about schools in Ohio. Most of the schools were falling apart at the seams and didn't have updated equipment. I think a way to solve this or at least make it better would be to have all the property tax get distributed evenly across the state. Every kid deserves to have a decent school that is not a garbage pile. My school was a trailer home, but it wasn't falling apart. Overall, the video made me appreciate my education and upbringing more.

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September 21, 2005

Mean Girls

This essay was very easy to read, sort of like a book. I thought this story was very well done, because there was a lot of detail such as when she described school starting again. She did a great job describing how trashed her house was too. I can relate to going out and throwing things at peoples houses when I was younger. I think almost everyone did something like that when they were in high school. I grew up in a small town, so I know how she felt when everyone had heard about what happened to her house by third hour.
I like how she decided to look at the whole thing as a learning experience.

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September 20, 2005

First Revision Day

Monday was the first revision day, and I thought it went really well. There was great feedback on everyone's paper especially mine. I think that was because mine was the worst one!LOL Thats okay though, because I can only get better at writing the farther we get in this course. I just posted revision2 online before writing this blog. I've fixed up my grammar in this one, and I'm trying to put more details, and examples of events in my second draft. It's really hard to remember alot of things, because I graduated 5 years ago. We'll see how it goes on monday though.

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September 15, 2005


I didn't make it to class on wednesday, but I have read chapter 7 and here are some of my thoughts on that. One of the things the stuck out to me right away was how it seems like slavery and Christianity were always connected back in the day, and some people wonder why people don't read the bible anymore! It really makes me put things in perspective when I read a story about someone like this, when all they want is things we take for granted like being able to get a good education. He seems like a pretty smart guy anyways, because of how he got the white kids to teach him, and how he was always figuring out other ways to learn.

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September 12, 2005


Although when I mentioned this to my friend Tom, he said you can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.
This sentence stood out to me because of my religious background, my dad was a pastor, so I pretty much went to church every week when I was younger.
I've met alot of people in churches, or people who say they are christian and it seems like alot of them are angry all the time, or they talk bad about other people all the time.

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