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We all go a little crazy sometimes, haven't you?

Another set-up and explanation: My one and only true love in this life, the thing I turn to any time I have a problem, I need entertainment, or I need something to do, is horror movies. This is one thing I can't stress enough: I am absolutely enamored with horror movies. Do I have a problem? Yes. Do I mind? Absolutely not.
Since 5th grade, when I first accidentally watched The Shining (which undoubtedly scarred me for life), I have loved the very idea of a scary movie. Every birthday party since that time has been devoted to pizza, gossip, and scary movies. At my 6th grade party, we watched The Blair Witch Project. 7th grade: Carrie and Friday the 13th. 8th grade: A Nightmare on Elm Street. And on and on.
I've seen all (or most of) the classics, I have seen The Exorcist 20+ times, and I have actually written a ten page literary criticism of feminism in classic horror. So I guess you could say I'm a nerd.
I don't know what it is, but the idea of being scared has always appealed to me. But I guess in other ways it has really made life harder. For example, I sleep with the hallway light on. I can't go camping or boating without thinking of Jason Voorhees. My sister is pregnant and I think of Rosemary and her evil baby. I've had dreams about Freddy Krueger. But however scared I get, I seriously can't stay away from the horror section. I've watched so many of the damn movies that I've had to move on to foreign horror just to find something I can watch. So here are some suggestions I have for anyone who may not love horror the way that I do. In no particular order: The Exorcist, The Evil Dead Trilogy, Dead Alive, The Host, The Descent, any incarnation of Dracula, The Lost Boys, Fright Night, The Silence of the Lambs, Psycho, Shaun of the Dead. Okay so I cheated, some of them are horror comedies (figure out which ones!), which I also love. But still, I love blood and gore, etc. I can't think of half the movies I've watched, and honestly I've seen a lot a bad horror. To really love scary movies, you must wade through the swamps of terrible schlock and shock-and-awe murder-a-thons to find a true gem of horror, like The Sixth Sense or the original (yet hilarious) Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Some may disagree with my opinions of horror and say I don't understand it, but they aren't reading this blog, so really, who cares?
Over the course of this blog, I would like to offer my own perspective on a few horror movies, new and old, and where I think the horror genre is moving in the future. So enjoy!