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The Lost Boys

You know how I said before that I love cheesy 80's vampire movies? Yeah, I meant it.
The Lost Boys holds the crown for the greatest teen vampire flick around, and that's not an opinion, it's a fact. Look it up. I highly recommend this movie, and I've introduced all my friends to it in the hopes that someone else will love horror movies like me. Even though I miserably failed, most of the people I've watched this movie with have at least enjoyed it. Of course we all know the 80's wasn't the best time for fashion, (Exhibit A: Kiefer Sutherland's stringy bleach-blond mullet, Alex Winter's mullet, Corey Haim's "Born to Shop" shirt...), but even in a film with such notable decade-indicators, it's just a great movie. Yes, the dialogue is stupid. Yes, the acting is sometimes questionable. Yes, it was directed by Joel Schumacher. Yes, there is a terrible remake of "People are Strange," and a poster of Jim Morrison with virtually no explanation or mention. But even through all those obstacles, the film has some weird vibe that draws me to it. It has such good intentions, I guess, and as I've said too many times before, it blends comedy, horror, and heart.
What I love most about this movie is that it takes an over-used concept (vampires), and makes it new. Not necessarily plotwise or anything too deep like that. In fact, the more I write about this film, the more I wonder why I like it so much. Is it because I've been told it's a great teen vampire movie? Is this my real opinion or has my upbringing, reading selection, and internet browsing planted a suggestion of greatness about this movie into my unknowing mind? No, that's some stupid 1984 craziness. I like this movie.
I guess what I like most is the pure innocence of this film. For example (and you'll find a similar scene in Fright Night and most other vampire films), when Corey Haim goes to the Frog brothers to ask them about vampires and they give him vampire comics/murder guides to answer all his questions. This always gets me in vampire movies. Who the hell has been living under a rock long enough that they don't know vampires don't like sunlight? That they need to be invited into the house by the rightful owner in order to enter (Is Michael the rightful owner?) That they hate holy water, garlic, mirrors, dogs, etc? Why would anyone need to ask these questions, surely most people have at least seen some version of Dracula? I figure, if you don't know that you should stake a vampire to death, you pretty much deserve to die.
Most laughable 80's moment: the concert that Star and Michael meet at, where a shirtless man wearing leather shorts with a mullet plays a saxophone solo and everyone cheers and rocks out. I'm so glad I wasn't able to form memories yet in the 80's. (Not that the 90's were any better.)
Best Corey moment: When Corey Feldman asks the non-famous Frog brother, "How much do you think we should charge 'em?" after the vampires are all dead. That faux-deep voice gets me every time. He really must have thought he was hot.
Best line: As I previously mentioned, the last line of the movie and the look on Dianne Wiest's, Jason Patric's, and Corey Haim's faces are hilarious. I won't ruin the ending, so watch it yourself to find out. Actually, after talking about it so much, you'll probably watch it and think I hyped it up too much and it wasn't really that funny. Well tough luck, buddy, because I liked it and this is my blog.
Fun Fact: Jason Patric, who plays Michael Emerson, is the son of another great horror and stage actor by the name of Jason Miller. Jason Miller played father Damien Karras in The Exorcist, which I will cover later with much affection. Oh, and Jason Patric's maternal grandfather was Jackie Gleason. Small world, huh?
Possible sequel on the way, according to The Two Coreys. This makes me sad, but I'll probably see it anyway. Let's all hope that in 20 years it will seem just as cheesy and outdated as its predecessor.
Another fun fact I just realized: Jason Patric's character's name is Michael Emerson. This is the real name of the actor who plays Benjamin Linus in Lost, who happens to be my favorite character. I'll cover Michael Emerson later, in my discussion of the Saw series.