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Dawn of the Dead

This is the King of All Zombie movies.  Actually, probably not, that would most likely be Night of the Living Dead, but still, this is like the Queen of All Zombie movies, or at least like a Prince or Princess, possibly a Duke/Duchess.  Plus it's a great commentary on consumerism and zombies and how zombies consume things.  The film takes place in a mall.  How better to tell people not to purchase things than to advertise things in a mall and then have zombies wreck the place up a little bit?  Zombies are the best villains ever though.  They shuffle along, as though they know they might have something to do but just can't think of it so they just hobble around in circles good-natured-ly until people with brains arrive on the scene.  They fall down a lot, they don't care about what's going on around them, and maybe they're just looking for love, hope, friendship.  Why do we have to judge zombies, just because they don't have good manners?

So it's been years since I've actually watched this movie.  Is that sad?  A little bit.  I feel bad, loving horror and yet I saw this movie about seven years ago.  I remember quite a bit of it, but still.  It's been awhile.  But funny story, I watched this movie with my dad and sister during a thunder storm.  Just when a very scary part came on screen, the TV and all the lights shut off.  Ali and I screamed because my dad kept making scary noises and being a jerk in general.  It was a good time.  We then lit candles and talked.  And we finished the movie the next day.  I enjoyed it, overall.

I never understood why zombies got such a bad rep, though.  I mean, they're dead and walking around, sure, but they are easily outrun, or out-walked really, not very bright, apparently can't open doors, and are just not too smart.  They eat brains; how can they get to them, they aren't really that strong and I feel like skulls should be strong enough to fend off one's brain from a zombie-related attack.  I think in real life, a zombie would not be able to do too much besides like nibble on your arm or be too loud during a movie.  And they're dead, that's scary I suppose because they might be decayed or have rotting flesh and whatnot, but besides possibly being a little bit visually frightening, I don't think they would do much damage.  What a weird thing to fear.  Even if the dead got out of their graves and walked around attempting to twist the tops off of people's heads in order to taste their delicious, delicious brains, how would they dig themselves out of the ground, they aren't that strong.  That's a proven fact, case in point: malls usually have huge glass doors and windows, and all they do in the film is put trucks in front of them.  Either they are too stupid to get around the trucks, or they are not strong enough to break through glass.  Yeah, that's right.  These skull-smashing zombies can't get through a thin sheet of glass.

Case solved.