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Halloween (The Holiday, not the Movie)

Halloween has always been my favorite season because it's basically the only time of the year when my favorite movies are truly appreciated. This is my time, my chance to share what I love. Haunted houses, ghost stories, trick-or-treating, FearFest on AMC (why isn't it MonsterFest anymore?), scary movies released in theaters, costumes, pranks, the leaves falling from the trees, Bradbury's autumn people. I love it all. There's some weird feeling in the air in October. Not scary, just weird.

I know that as a holiday, Halloween is more for children than anyone else. But I urge you to make a claim for Halloween, make it your own. Spend the day watching scary movies (use some of my recommendations!), read a Stephen King novel, buy a costume, tell scary stories by a campfire (a little cold for that, but kudos if you go old-school), eat some candy at least, just get scared. Most people don't enjoy being afraid, but why not? As long as the fear is safe, with no real danger, it should be fun. Screaming your head off at a haunted house is fun because you know you are safe and it will all be over soon- you can laugh with your friends at how you sounded like such a baby. That's why I love horror films- I can be afraid, but at a distance.

I'm going as a pirate this year. I'm going to a party and I'm going trick-or-treating. I'm going to watch a ton of horror movies, like I always do. And I'm going to be scared. I hope you are too.

Happy Halloween.