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Response: Sarah Palin

by special guest author Kathryn, my friend from French class and the second person who reads this blog.

Cassie: So I wrote that post yesterday about good ol' Sarah Palin, and since I know nothing and care nothing about politics, Kathryn sent me a very nice message about her own views on the matter, which are very well thought-out and logical.  I have to say, she's convinced me.  Although I think gender still plays a small role in this presidential race, I know when to admit I'm wrong.  So here is Kathryn's eloquent response to my political apathy:

"I'm going to respond only because I live and breathe politics (which is a good thing, considering it's my major!). I think the main reason that people are upset with the Palin choice is because of her inability to do her job- which, of course, is to be the President in case anything were to happen to the President. She couldn't answer questions such as what newspapers she reads, what Supreme Court decisions she disagrees with, or even what the role of the VP is. Furthermore, she has consistently illustrated that she disagrees with McCain on key issues so instead of providing a united front, she's really tearing the party into two factions :the very conservative wing vs. the moderate republicans.
As a feminist myself, I actually don't consider the attention paid to Palin is really sexist; if either candidate had chosen a male like Palin, I would be just as upset (especially during these hard times). If anything, the extra attention should be a boost to perform even better: prove that we are just as tough (if not tougher!) than the male dominated industry that always has been politics.
However, I do think the media should leave Palin's family alone and should be off limits. I think if anything it shows the issues that families go through and it makes me sad about the stigma of being a teenage parent.
Finally, I would like to end on the note of the wardrobe: I think the main reason it's an issue is because they used campaign contributions to buy these articles of clothing. If any male candidate used these funds to buy suits, or hookers (Elliot Spitzer), or even a haircut, they should receive the same amount of criticism that Palin has received.
I hope we can still be friends now that I issued my own opinion to your lovely blog! :)"

So thank you for the input, and of course we can still be friends.  Also, you should start a political blog that I could read and actually understand thingsā€¦