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Sarah Palin

I hesitate to post this, because (although no one reads this anyway) if someone does see it, I don't know what the reaction will be.  I'm not huge on politics, and I would consider my self a moderate or just apathetic in general.  Of course I will vote.  Absentee, represent. 

(Note: I wrote that first paragraph about three weeks ago, and am just now getting to finish it.  I have a busy life, leave me alone.)

So I voted for Obama, although I kind of feel like it was a waste of a vote since North Dakota has no real impact on politics.  Byron Dorgan is kind of cool though, I think he does stuff in Washington or something.  That just shows you how ignorant I am about politics.  Bottom line: I don't care.

I tend to think I'm typical of young voters, or maybe just voters in general.  I don't care who wins, because as my dad reminded me the other day, as the South Park guys say: the presidential race always is, always has been, and always will be a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.  Words of wisdom.

But back to Sarah Palin though, the main topic at hand.  I know she isn't the best speaker, she has weird dinosaur-related beliefs, and loves guns and pitbulls with lipstick or something, but I almost feel that a lot of the shit people throw at her is based on the fact that she is a woman.  Like the whole $150,000 on clothes thing.  I know for a fact (not really, but it sounds credible enough) that this pseudo-scandal is based solely on her woman-ness.  You know the male candidates spend too much on clothing too, but no one cares because it's not relevant or stereotypical or something.  So they want to make her look good, who cares?  If they're willing to spend the money, good for them.  (Who "they" are, I don't know, but they're watching you, I guarantee it.)

And the pregnant daughter thing just kills me.  It's not her fault her daughter got pregnant, it has absolutely nothing to do with the presidential race, and it happens all the time.  Look around you, there are millions of pregnant teens.  So the Palin girl is going to have a baby, she's taking responsibility for her actions, isn't she?  And to me that would signal good parenting.  It's not like 17 year olds don't have sex.  Gasp!  What's that you say, not in America?  It's just ridiculous.  Leave little funny-name Palin out of this.

And finally, the Palin sex doll, "Nailin' Palin," and all the "she's hot" mentality.  Grow up.  She must be a strong woman to be a governor.  I'm not saying she should be VP, or that she's qualified, but let's give her a little credit at least.  I just feel embarrassed about this whole thing.  The state of feminism in this country, not great.  Not that I'm saying Palin is a feminist, because from what I've seen, she's the opposite.  But lay off.  It's just plain mean.  But I guess that's politics, we just went through a long bash-Palin period.  So hopefully now that that's over, I can go back to not caring.