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Open Letter

To the d-bag who's conversation I overheard while walking to class.  I know I was technically eavesdropping.  But you said that in public.  And I wasn't listening to you.  I even had music playing, and I heard that one phrase and it pissed me off.

So this is what I heard you say: "…Is she dateable or would you just lay her?"  On the phone.  You actually said that.  You used the verb "to lay."  What is wrong with you?

I know you saw me give you that dirty look, because you stopped talking right after I looked at you.  It makes me so mad that you boiled that woman down to either 1. date or 2. have sex.  You don't think she's anything more than that?  I hope she says no to both of those things.

It's people like that, who only judge others for outward qualities, whether male or female, who make me angry.  I was mad for the rest of the night about that.  I just kept thinking, do people think about my sister that way, or my cousins, or my friends, or me?  It's kind of gross, really.  It reminds me of my favorite quote from the 40 Year Old Virgin.  "Why does everything have to be about sex?"

I have nothing else to say and I have to go to a staff meeting now, so just soak in this information and use it in your daily life.  It's important.

Okay, I'm back the next day to just add a little more to this particular train of thought.  I hope you learn to respect women, because one day you're going to say something like that in front of someone who will do more than just give you a dirty look.  And I hope you change your mind about that.  How you can go through life thinking about that woman or all women only in that context is beyond me.  I hope that if you actually have any female friends who you don't want to just "lay" (who still says that?), that they tell you that you need to rethink your opinions about women.

I'm done with this, I have no more energy to think about it.