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I hate finals.

I hate studying for them, I hate thinking about them, I hate discussing them, I hate scheduling them and knowing the schedule, I hate taking them, I hate worrying about them.

So I put it all off.  By watching movies or writing uninteresting blog posts.  Here's my schedule:

1. French oral test: Easy, ridiculously so.  We just have to read some stupid passage out loud, probably about Jean-Claude and Mireille going to Tours or something like that.

2. Research practicum final paper: Whatever, I've had it done for awhile, I just want to get rid of it and never think about it again.  The whole class, really.

3. Saturday: French written final.  Not easy, but not overly difficult.  I think it'll be mostly memorizing a bunch of bullshit about how to pronounce eau and eu and u and ou.  But who schedules a final test on a Saturday at 8am?  That's a poor planning issue and it needs to be dealt with.

4. Thursday: (I just realized that I skipped this one and don't want to renumber.  Also, I went from labeling in terms of tests to days instead.)  Cognitive psychology test, online.  Not hard, I get to use all my notes and my book, so I can cheat all I want.

5. Monday: Film final paper due.  Oddly, I took this class for fun, but it's turned out to be the one class that I'm a little worried about.  I already turned in my rough draft, and I really don't know what to expect for feedback.  Probably that it wasn't that great.  I just want it to be over with, so I don't have to think about it anymore.  And anyway, I hate classes where I have to basically make up interpretations that are bullshit and could be applied to anything and not even a film in particular.  But that's just me.

6. Child Psychology Final: I really enjoyed this class, but I'll still be glad when it's over.  We spend about twenty minutes each week listening to stupid questions and wondering why these people still believe that single case studies prove or disprove a hypothesis. 

That's my schedule.  I have nothing else to say.