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Spring Break

I went to Minot  for Spring Break. I don't care what anyone says, I still love North Dakota. Kamran and I took the train on Thursday night (I skipped Social Psychology on Friday, good for me). It was worse than usual- some little 4 or 5 year old kid watched THE LAND BEFORE TIME until TWO in the morning with NO HEADPHONES. So we had to listen to Little Foot and The Bird Guy and Barney and all those other stupid annoying dinosaur assholes sing about God knows what- Jurassic Park or something. The conductor walked by and told the (father?) of the child to turn the movie off, people are trying to sleep. The guy said, and this is an actual quote, "It's almost over, I think. I'm not sure." He was watching the movie too. His extremely overweight wife/mother/Freudian fixation snored next to little Damien, the demon child watching the worst movie ever made. And so Kamran and I sat awake staring into the Amtrak seats, wondering when this purgatory of awful children's songs would end.

We watched Let the Right One In, a wonderful little Swedish vampire film. It was the first film I've seen in a long while where someone was paler than me. Props to my Swedish relatives. I highly recommend it, it's a little slow but I liked it that way. It was a build-up. The little girl-vampire was adorable, even with blood all over her face, and the boy was a little dork, in an odd Scandinavian way. There's some pretty awesome kills.

Moving on, not a lot happened over break (surprise surprise). I did no homework. I ate too much. Kamran and I made chex mix and puppy chow. My niece Emma, who is six months old, met Kamran for the first time and fell in love with him. She watched him wherever he went and even reached out for him to pick her up, which she's never done for anyone before. She wanted to be with him more than her own damn aunt. What a b-word. I don't really mean that, she's just a baby. But if she's anything like her mother, she will not be very nice in general.

Much of my extended family came to watch my cousin Reid (who I refer to as Regis) play class B basketball. It was pretty fun, I guess. A good way to waste a week, that's what I would call it. I have nothing to say.