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One aspect of the Feminism in Pop Culture that I was intrigued by was when Ziesler was talking about how in the 1800's ads directed towards men were aimed to be "sexy" where as ads targeting to women were more romantic. I think that this definately holds true today, and it also made me think of examples that I have seen of that. First off, it reminded me of this episode of Top model, where they had to do a swim suit shoot. First they had to take a picture that was supposed to be for a men's magazine, and then they had to take a picture that was meant for a women's magazine. The entire episode, Tyra told the models to be super sexy and scandalous for the men's magazine, so that the picture basically looked like they were having sex with the guy model. I think that it was interesting to see the difference between the two pictures at the end, and how it relates to what the author is talking about in the book.

One aspect of the book that I don't like, is that I feel like the book only gives one perspective. I like to see the best in people, including directors. I think that a lot of times, no matter how they portray people, someone isn't going to be happy. I also think that when it comes to ads for make up and victoria secret, I understand why they put these pretty models in their advertisements. Although I see the side that they aren't the average looking people, and that females shouldn't feel pressure to look that way, I also think that it will sell more products. If the make-up is supposed to make you feel pretty, I think that you have to have a decently pretty model or you won't believe the company.

I think that it would be interesting to talk more about Wonder Woman and how the show was adopted as an emblem of the woman's liberation movement. I think that wonder woman has a huge sex appeal and her outfit is super small and "sexy." So I am confused as to how her sex appeal can be accepted but not other female roles in movies.

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