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Biden and baseball

Alright, I picked the title figuring there might be a strong connection between Joseph Biden, Obama's pick as the next vice president, and baseball, but alas, not much luck. He's apparently a Nats fan and worked to pass a bill outlawing certain steroids, including one commonly used by baseball players. Good man on the last count. And Nats fans are pretty harmless since the team they support is the same.

What another incredible week it's been for the Twins. Heading into the dreaded 14-game road trip they were 72-54 and a game in back of the Sox. Two days into it, they're 74-54 and a game up over the White Sox after the latter's loss this afternoon to the Rays. Unbelievable. At the very least, everyone expected the Twins to struggle with the Angels, who had the best record in the American League. But Thursday the Twins won 2-1 in 12 innings, and last night they blasted the Angels 9-0. A four-hitter by Baker on Thursday to get them to the ninth inning, and a five-hit shutout through eight innings by Perkins. So the Angels have had only 11 hits in 21 innings, which is a bit scary heading into the last two games, but still.

It's not only this road trip, but the one that follows (adding up to 24 out of 30 games on the road), that will help form the Twins' fate. If the young arms, and their corresponding minds, hold up, anything can happen.

I'd have never thought the Twins would be 20 games over .500 at this point of the year. I still can barely fathom it. The parallels to 2006 are incredible (which I'll get to later), but an exact duplicate isn't likely to occur. The Twins would have to go 22-12 over the last 34 games to finish with 96 wins. That'd be a helluva stretch.

And it would mean they're still playing baseball within about a month of the election that could put Biden in the White House with Obama. Wonder how they'd look throwing out first pitches?