December 9, 2006

Gershenfield and kahn articles

Reading this article was kind of confusing to me. Im not a big fan of all the fancy wording choices and all that good stuff to make it sound intelligent.

but I know that I would have loved to take that class in MIT with the machine (fabricators) that prints out your work in a 3 dimensional state. I was not shocked to see that the number of students that came was more than expected. They had to aquire a bigger classroom. he stated that yeah the innovation right now is expensive but hopes it will eventually be one of them items that many people can afford to keep in thier homes for everyday use. I think it is really interesting how the article talks about technology and how machine made machine. Once again back to the part where machines take the place of humans ;) I also thought it was interesting how these Fab Labs were described. basically technology is the key focus in these labs and thus it is born!!!!!


In the kahn article it lost me for the most part. I read but i believe that I dont remember much. His article was entirely to long to not install enough information in my head. But i did get the notion that he was talking about the past history of architecture and how art in general relates to it. Also how architecture is unique and comes from nature. (Space is nature) I think that he considers architecture to be technology. i agree with him on that note because there are endless ways that people may have not even thought of yet in designing things in space to make it look very innovative.


December 6, 2006


They are the technologies that are within a society that creates a change to promote social equality. that is what i learned from the Postman lecture.

Technology is all around us, and i now think of it as an actual tool. technology is one of them things that is going to stay around forever. I think there will always be new ways to improve our "tools"

I consider a tool to be anything that will help a human achieve what they are trying to accomplish more convinently.


The internet is the very first tool that comes to mind when I think of technology. The internet is full of information that can be accessed at the click of a button within seconds. This technology is unfortunately not available to everyone in their homes. but societ i have learned in my journalism class, are taking all the necessary step to put an end to the digital divide. Local organizations work to provide internet access to all in many public places such as community libraries and schools. With Internet access people can do many things. Get jobs easier, shop from home, earn a degree to even paying bills.

Also Television is a tool. It also provide information to the viewer that might be important.

The society of the gaming world is another technopoly through entertainment. I saw many people sitting outside a target on the night before the 3rd playstation debuted in stores. There were waiting hours and camped out to spend $600 on a game system that will eventually be replaced within a year or so give or take. This proves how far a person will go to gain new technologies.

[Robot Vaccum:Roomba by irobots]

Technologies also take the place of what humans do. For example many people were laid off of work at the Ford Motor company and replaced with machines that would produce larger quanitties of products more efficiently. also I saw on tv that a new vaccum will clean the whole carpet in a room without the touch of a human hand.

I learned that people look for new technologies to create comfort for the most part, basically produce new ways to keep the amount of physical activity to a low.

model t.bmp

A car was introduced in the 1920s (Ford model T) to eliminate walking and other ways of transportation. Newer cars have been produced to get more miles for the gallon and to get to your destination faster. Since technology is never ending whats next?????? Flying cars that will eliminate the need to stop at traffic lights?

flying car.bmp

November 18, 2006


One opposition that I am going to be talking about is the opposition of gender. Gender is all around us. It is not just the fact of being an actual male or female. Gender can take the form of how a person act reguardless of being male or female, age, race, and class status. Who you are determines your place in society. Examples: Children can not do all the same things as adults can, poor people dont have the same access to sources as rich or middle class people do, and sometimes there are racial barriors that hold people both men and women back. Well it used to but now things are becoming more equal. But there still are barriors holding other groups of people down.


Also it can take the form of sexual preferance and the way that society defines it! Mainly society defines gender as a man having manly qualities. Such as being masculine and being very agressive. It defines women as being more feminine and have a lower rank in social staus-like when you hear a man gets paid more for performing the same tasks as women. Also women have a trend that has embeded on them as being the house wife and taking care of the children. These are the "norms" of society. There are people that are staight but have opposite sex tendancies, also gays, bi, lesbain, transexual, transgender, and even hermaphrodites do not fit into the societal norms. So they; and women are working towards gaining equalness in society, basically ending the set standards of gender. This set of standards set by society is slowly changing. There are questions of what will happen if society has no set standards of gender roles. How will power in the world be the same if everyone can have it!

Picture source:
source: Lorde’s “Age, Race, Class, and Sex artical?

November 16, 2006

Mathimatics in Architecture

The first thing that comes to mind is shapes or geometric part of math for me. After working as an Intern at Kodet Architectural Firm, I now look at every building in a different way! I also took classes where i had to design a building and basically make it satnd out. Of course my building had different shapes so it could easily be distiguished from the surrounding buildings. (I think that diversity is good)
Also if something seems un-normal I usually tend to be interested in it!

Some places that I look at everyday that has a shape that makes it stand out to me is the Wiseman Art Museum building here on campus, The Walker Art Center, a neighborhood of newly built houses/apartment and condos in north Minneapolis ( I forget the name of them)! Also other places are Lake Calhoun and lake Harriet.

The Wiesman has many different shapes creating its exterior walls or panels. It has unique curviture to the building and is a great representation of how geometry relates to architecture. From this picture you almost dont even understand how this could be a building in the first place.

The Walker Art Center is another good example of how mathmatics relates to design. The design of this build catches my eye everytime I drive pass it! I havent been in the Walker Art Center yet but plan on going just because of its exterion. You can clearly see the irregular shapes of its exterior and the windows. Also the texture of the exterior walls stand out to me as well.

Lake Harriet Map.gif
The Lakes themselves have a shape to them. They look like circles almost but are not symetrical. I know that they are not man made but the pathways and stuff around them are. (If you didnt know, in an earlier blog I identified myself as liking to run around these lakes) I said each time it feels like a different run.
There are different pathways that curve and wind around for no reason, then there are pathways that curve because of the tress and stuff. I would say that there are no real straight pathways over there, because then that would be a boring run right????????

Over all geometry I think plays a crucial role on how architecture can become unique. When I interned for the achitecture firm, I went to an AIA awards ceromony and the architects that built the nieghborhood of homes won an award for making each unit wheter it was condos, apartments, or a single house look alike or similar, but different at the same time. For example you could tell which houses belonged to the neighborhood by the colors and material used, but then each unit had different appearance in shapes. Some had triangular roof tops, some buildings are square, some were symetrical and some were not!

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November 4, 2006

The Energy at Mid-Town Market!

Ok, I know that this blog was assigned at the beginning of September but hey, atleast Im making up for it now! LOL!!!!! Well anyways I have been there before and just recently visited again.

The energy at the Midtown Market I believe- to be a very fast paced environment. When I first visited, I was in a state of shock should I say. I never really thought about all the different cultures and ethnic backgrounds that are present in Minnapolis alone. I mean of course I know there are different cultures in Minneapolis, but growing up on the north side of Minneapolis I have never witnessed that much diversity in one place.

The building consists of little shops. It kind of reminds me of the bazaar shops that I have seen in movies and stuff. But in these shops people sell things like hand made jewelery and other little posessions. One of the major things that I noticed when I first got there was the selling, and the intake of all kinds of food. Stuff that I have never even seen or thought of before was being sold in this place. That really facinated me to explore more of the building.

While I was there I noticed how it was also more then just the shops. I think this building houses apartments or condos of some sort, and small businesses.

I noticed how this build was located in a convient place. it seems like any and everyone had access to this build. its on a bus line for the people that do not have cars. Of course people who drive can come. Many people seem like they got there by walking also. I also saw on my way out some bike railings that people were locking there bikes up with to check out this place. (I noticed how many people had baskets hooked on their bikes, probably to store their goods in after they purchase them.)

I never knew that this place even existed. I like visiting places like this. The market reminded me of the International Square Martket located right off of highway 94 by the big spoon with the Cherry on it! (I forget what that park is called sorry!!!!) But in that building it seemed like there were little bazaar shops and they also housed apartments and condoes and other businesses. But in that building it did not seem as much fast paced as the Midtown Market did. But international square market is more of a spot to go where you consult with an agent to refurnish a room or whole office in a business or private home. The Midtown market just reminded me of the International Square market.

November 3, 2006

Social Design Issue

Well a social design issue that I have noticed in Minneapolis (and this may be present inmany other places) is Pollution.

I live in Minneapolis. I was driving on the freeway the last at around 12:30pm. Now if you are from the Twin Cities you know that rush hour begins at around 6am is suppose to calm down at around 11am. Then start back up around like 4pm I believe and end again at like 6:30-7pm during the weekdays. Well according to metro tranist when bus fare increases due to rush hours these times are fairly accurate.

So anyway, I was driving and it was not considered to be rush hour but the freeway was kind of backed up. ( I get so annoyed when I have to wait. Im impatient when it comes to driving.)

So waiting on the freeway made me realize that alot of people work in the twin cities but commute from the suburbs. I never really thought of that! So you have all these cars on the freeway (note: most of them are single passenger) that are polluting the air. Now I had to drive that day because I had to make it back to school by 12:45 in time for the lecture. Otherwise normally I take the bus, because i have a u-pass.

Then I thought about other ways of pollution. I thought of people smoking and letting tocxins into the air. Also how smoking got banned from public places recently. So that contibuted to this issue.


Also in one of my other classes they said perfume and cologn is pollution because it releases tocxins into the atmoshpere. I USE COLOGN ALOT. I didnt have any idea ya know.


Also the idea of having gutters on your home/building could be a form of pollution because rain is caught by it then forced down into the streets then into the sewage system and into our water source (the Mississippi). But We talked about how people help to correct this problem. When a new building is built (like the new Down town library), they put a roof garden on top of it to catch the rain and let nature filter and recycle it.
(I know we talked about this in my SEAM Architect seminar but I can not remember if we talked about this in the 1701 lecture)


I also thought about how people just litter and that is hazardous to the environment and animals. This made me think of how people are not the only species that inhabit the Earth. Or Animals! Like a particular typ of grass that is becoming extinct could be damaged by littering!!!!!!

Also remembered when I took some courses Senior year of high school for architecture and we visited a mill factory Minneapolis was considered the Mill city. If you drive along the river, you will see many Mill plants! Well atleast there used to be alot of them in operation at one time. So these also pollute the atmosphere in max quantities.

So this raises questions! What more has to be done to control the amount of pollution Minneapolis (or the World) generates? What are alternative ways can people practice to help prevent enormous amounts of pollution?


Pictures from:
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Down Town library

River Pollution

Mill City Museum

November 2, 2006

Genius Loci?-Lake Calhoun

A place that I find meaningful is Lake Calhoun in The South Eastern regionof Minneapolis. Since I am a runner, I like to go out on jogs or runs. (no matter how cold it is or how hot it is outside.)


I have been around the Lake so many times. Wheather I run, walk, bike, or rollerblade around Lake Calhoun, It always seems like a new experience to me each time.


I find this place meaningful because of Many reasons. I feel ackward in an undiversified setting; and running around the Lake I see all types of people. I see big and small people, people of different race, people relaxing and working out. I love to be in that type of setting.

While Im running, I see new things that I didnt see since the time before. For example I see people flying huge kites, people canoeing in the lake. I also see people playing at the park, or fireworks displays. I also see people walking out on the ice in the winter time.

In the summer everytime I run people are always bbq-ing. So when I get to a certain point, I can sense of smell is triggered by these people. Also, my sense of feeling is activated because some days the wind will bow and pick up breeze from the lakes currents. Other days I will be extremly burning up and feel exhausted but keep on going. (I always try to make it around atleast once without stopping) Other days when I go to the lake I am really cold anf tight because of the climate. So I am always impressed by how its going to be the next time I run.


Lake Calhoun I would say is a fast and slow paced environment. Like I said I see people relaxing, then i see people running, rollerblading, biking, walking their pets and etc. (Well atleast during the times of the day that I go.)

This place is significant to my because it fulfills my passions to get a good workout and run, also I like the atmosphere. It is conviently located for me to access and it doesnt cost anything. Also, if I get tired of running around Calhoun, there are pathways that connect to other nearby Lake like Harriet, Ceader and Lake of the Isles.

Picture Sources:
Winter Lake Calhoun

Lake Calhoun

People Jogging

October 9, 2006


Phenomenon is some thing. The "thing" has a framework and a clockwork. This "thing" has to be some sort of matter, it has to be something. The framework is the "things" organzation. Basically the way it is set up. The clockwork is the patterns or tendancies of the "thing." This is what I learned from the lecture on tuesday.

The phenomenon that I have chosen to talk about is apart of the Meteorological phenomenon (weather) family which I am narrowing down to the water cycle. Precipitation is any kind of water that comes from the sky to meet the Earths ground as part of the weather. This would include snow, rain,sleet, hail and so on. Precipitation is a major factor of the water cycle. It is responsible for dispensing most of the planets fresh water. Condensation is the change of matter in a substance. For example water evaporating.


This is a picture of the water cycle also known as the hydrological cycle. It is the repeatition of water in the Earths hydrosphere. This process is powered by solar radiation, which is the atmoshpere. As the cycle is in effect, water moves through different Phases. The water is changing between liquids, solids, and gases. This happens by the process of evaporation, precipitation, infileration (which is the process of water being absorbed into the ground for the people that dont know), and also runoffs (which is water from rain or snow melt that travels along the ground.) Such as an example of the runoff process is the snow that melts at the top of mountains and runs down into a valley forming a river or running into a lake or something.

There is no start or finish of this cycle because water molecules are constantly moving in the water cycle. Water starts as a liquid and evaporates from oceans, lakes and such to form clouds (this is known as the gas phase which is condensation). Which then it will rain, sleet, snow, hail and come back down to the Earths surface. Note that their is no specific order for the water cylce. It can be a liquid then change into a gas then into a solid. It can also be a solid then a liquid then to form a gas. There are different combinations of this process.

The Water cycle process can be related to the process of basic recycling itself. Paper starts off as a fresh sheet. You then write on it, tear it, fold it, and ball it up. Its matter is being changed. (even though its physical phase stays a solid). It is then tossed. Its brought to some plant that basically recleans and restores the paper back to its original condition. The process is repeated over and over agian. Just like the water cycle of Earth.


The Water process cycle is a phenomenon that is precievable to the senses. Although you cannot see the water changing from liquid to gas, you can feel it. You can feel humid. You can see and feel the rain, sleet, hail, or snow. You can also hear when its raining outside.

*Wikipedia is the cite that I looked at to find the information contained in this blog (Including the pictures.) The recycle logo was found at