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October 9, 2006


Phenomenon is some thing. The "thing" has a framework and a clockwork. This "thing" has to be some sort of matter, it has to be something. The framework is the "things" organzation. Basically the way it is set up. The clockwork is the patterns or tendancies of the "thing." This is what I learned from the lecture on tuesday.

The phenomenon that I have chosen to talk about is apart of the Meteorological phenomenon (weather) family which I am narrowing down to the water cycle. Precipitation is any kind of water that comes from the sky to meet the Earths ground as part of the weather. This would include snow, rain,sleet, hail and so on. Precipitation is a major factor of the water cycle. It is responsible for dispensing most of the planets fresh water. Condensation is the change of matter in a substance. For example water evaporating.


This is a picture of the water cycle also known as the hydrological cycle. It is the repeatition of water in the Earths hydrosphere. This process is powered by solar radiation, which is the atmoshpere. As the cycle is in effect, water moves through different Phases. The water is changing between liquids, solids, and gases. This happens by the process of evaporation, precipitation, infileration (which is the process of water being absorbed into the ground for the people that dont know), and also runoffs (which is water from rain or snow melt that travels along the ground.) Such as an example of the runoff process is the snow that melts at the top of mountains and runs down into a valley forming a river or running into a lake or something.

There is no start or finish of this cycle because water molecules are constantly moving in the water cycle. Water starts as a liquid and evaporates from oceans, lakes and such to form clouds (this is known as the gas phase which is condensation). Which then it will rain, sleet, snow, hail and come back down to the Earths surface. Note that their is no specific order for the water cylce. It can be a liquid then change into a gas then into a solid. It can also be a solid then a liquid then to form a gas. There are different combinations of this process.

The Water cycle process can be related to the process of basic recycling itself. Paper starts off as a fresh sheet. You then write on it, tear it, fold it, and ball it up. Its matter is being changed. (even though its physical phase stays a solid). It is then tossed. Its brought to some plant that basically recleans and restores the paper back to its original condition. The process is repeated over and over agian. Just like the water cycle of Earth.


The Water process cycle is a phenomenon that is precievable to the senses. Although you cannot see the water changing from liquid to gas, you can feel it. You can feel humid. You can see and feel the rain, sleet, hail, or snow. You can also hear when its raining outside.

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