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One opposition that I am going to be talking about is the opposition of gender. Gender is all around us. It is not just the fact of being an actual male or female. Gender can take the form of how a person act reguardless of being male or female, age, race, and class status. Who you are determines your place in society. Examples: Children can not do all the same things as adults can, poor people dont have the same access to sources as rich or middle class people do, and sometimes there are racial barriors that hold people both men and women back. Well it used to but now things are becoming more equal. But there still are barriors holding other groups of people down.


Also it can take the form of sexual preferance and the way that society defines it! Mainly society defines gender as a man having manly qualities. Such as being masculine and being very agressive. It defines women as being more feminine and have a lower rank in social staus-like when you hear a man gets paid more for performing the same tasks as women. Also women have a trend that has embeded on them as being the house wife and taking care of the children. These are the "norms" of society. There are people that are staight but have opposite sex tendancies, also gays, bi, lesbain, transexual, transgender, and even hermaphrodites do not fit into the societal norms. So they; and women are working towards gaining equalness in society, basically ending the set standards of gender. This set of standards set by society is slowly changing. There are questions of what will happen if society has no set standards of gender roles. How will power in the world be the same if everyone can have it!

Picture source: www.statistics.gov.uk
source: Lorde’s “Age, Race, Class, and Sex artical?