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Feeling Bored..Anybody there ?

Summer's supposed to be the best time to be in Minneapolis with all the greenery and lakes but not with everybody around you leaving. It started with Ravali leaving to India. Krishna and Sujana, the two most loud/active people in the group left yesterday and we started to feel the silence. Sasya left today and Kalluri will be leaving on the 30th. So its just Me, Aditya, Kalyan and Vasu left. And worst of all, none of us has a car and none of us can drive either. Ashok started feeling bored at home and came to the university yesterday.

Yesterday was so boring that I finally decided to go to "Available" status in Yahoo Messenger! (after a long time). This reminds me of last winter when everybody left except Aditya and me. Aditya was in the hall and I was in the other room. I didn't know that he was in the house and he didn't know I was. He came to my room for something and saw me and said, "Oh! nuvvu ikkade vunnaavaa ??" and both of us started laughing...There were occasions when we used to sit in two rooms and chat with each other. Very depressing.. Isn't it? I know.

I don't want this summer to be boring. That is the main reason I am going to LA and San Diego for the Labor day weekend even though there is a LOT of work to do. Also scheduled my Java 1.5 Certification exam in a month to keep myself busy.. I am sure I am going to reschedule it as one month is too less time. I hope everybody shows interest in playing badminton/tennis/basketball or any game for that matter (esp. aditya who keeps saying "Abba..ippudu em adataam.. repu adadaam le"). Friday is the best day of my week as there are a lot of people playing cricket in front of Northrop, ofcourse if weather permits.

I hope I don't have to spend the summer sitting in my room with "Feeling Bored.. Anybody there?" status in Yahoo Messenger!


Hey..I know how it feels..I've been feeling the same too. And you know that I am more susceptible to things like these. I too hope that this summer wont get boring. I promise I wont be lazy in playing games this time.
Lets plan something, get each other cheered up and... just hope for the best!

Hi ra,

Read your blog now... so summer is boring in Minneapolis... you should take your drivers license asap... so that you can drive around...

Hi! So you guys are all bored in the US. Is pretty muchthe same in Germany, if you are alone.

Its only the bored people who open this web page . so i thing we are all bored at some point of time.

iam in my college lab & was feeling really bored then i typed boring on gooogle & ur blog appeared but u know im much bored now reading & remembring the boring sumers i used to spend in school days, u know u people are hell boring in urself, wellmay be im boring u all so goin to njoy the boredom..........

I am in my Office and am monitoring some jobs in the system. I am telling you being in office without work is also very boring.I typed in boring in Google and got ur blog..So this way atleast I am passing some time.. :-)) Thanks to your blog.