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Java 1.5 Certification resources (310-055)

Passed the SCJP 5.0 exam! I took the exam on Saturday 30th July but did not get the scores after the exam due to some technical problems. They gave me a phone number to find about the scores but I had to wait till Monday since it was a weekend. I called them on Monday and after staying on hold for about 30 mins, I was told that I passed the exam... It was a relief.. Still did not get the scores though.. They said they will send me the score report in mail..

Regarding exam preparation, I found the SCJP Tiger Study Guide very very helpful.. Also the Sun's tutorial on Generics from the Javabeat.net notes page is a must read.

Online Resources
SCJP Tiger Study Guide (Link)
Javabeat.net Notes (Link)
Examulator.com (Link)
An SCJP 5.0 Certification primer(Link)

Books for Java 1.5 Certification:

Complete Java 2 Certification: Study Guide (Amazon Link)

Sun Certified Programmer & Developer for Java 2 Study Guide (Exam 310-055)
(Certification Press) (Amazon Link) --- Not sure if this is for Java 1.5

General Books for Java 1.5
Java 5.0 Tiger: A Developer's notebook (Amazon Link)


Thanks for the link !!!

word. send it yo!

Very useful link...thanks for it

This Blog was very Helpful to me.
Thanks a lot for the links

Thanks for the links.

Hi Sir,

I found your blog interesting. I came across it while searching for resources to learn Java 5.0 Tiget. i am planning to take up the SCJP certification. Well, thanks for the links and keep up the good work.



Thanks for the links

really they are very useful


thanks for the links

The links are very useful for any one planning to take java certifications and this could be the originating point.
Thanks a ton for the links

thanks a lot for so much of good work...
i hope i clear my exam..
thanks again

thanks sandeep for the valuable information.
kudo's for the good work

This is really good info ...
Thanks.. sandeep


Your resources for the Sun certification exams were useful.

Hi Sandeep.. to see all the required imfo at a single spot was treat to eyes..... i m planning to take up the exam shortly...


Change the URL for JavaBeat link as http://www.javabeat.net/javabeat/scjp5/index.php.

hi sandeep,

thx for the linkx,


Hey sandeep, thanks for all the links, I am not getting that book in India.
Can I get atleast the pdf of SCJP (310-055) book from anywhere.


hi Sandeep

thanx for the help.
please forward me other material related to the scjp 1.5


Thanks a lot for the links..

Thanx buddy for the links..

i'm not able to access the online resources mentioned above.

thanx for links

Hi Sandeep,

Pls send me scjp 1.5 related dumps if you have any...


Congrats sandeep

DO u have any dumps for scjp1.5.... i am going to write the exam on 14th aug

well.i like it

Hi sandeep,

javabeat link is very good
thanks yaar,
could you send the latest scjp1.5 exam question pdf

Thanks agains :)

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Very useful info dude...
Thankz a lot.

It's the same the certification 1.5 and 5.0?? or are different. Thanks for your answer

can u please tell which of the two 1.4 or 5.0 certification should be taken?

hey sandeep please send me SCJP 1.5 related study material

Hi Sandeep,

Great work ! Thank for the links. Another really useful link is http://technoheads.blogspot.com
great tutorial to share wth all of you.




iam not feeling java.beat convinient to follow.:-(.No continious questions

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I would like to take Java 5.0 certification, but bit confuse as to how i have to plan myself and what is the effort required per day to complete within 3months. I am currently in Client place, Sydney and also which is the best version to enrol(5.0 or 6.0)???

Please clarify

Hi Sandeep,

I am experienced java developer, I have 1.4 programmer certification book but didn't take the exam. Do u suggest to read 1.5 book OR the reading online links with new features is good enough (to take 1.5 exam)?


Thanks a lot...
No need to say much... Your comment section says wat a wonderful help it is :)

Also expecting some more guidence here..
Could you tell us how to go about preparing for the exam.. and how many days preparation is must for a employee???

Hi Sandeep,
You could please send me any SCJP 1.5 dumps that you have. I am planning to take exam next week.


Hi Sandeep
Could you pls send me SCJP 1.5 dumps .Even I am planning to take the exam this month

very useful info...
I am planning to give SCJP 1.5 next can u send me some dumps if you have...

I Would like to Give
SCJP 310-055 Exem Next Month
Will You Help me
By Any Way

Todo sobre la certificaciĆ³n aquĆ­

I am planning to give scjp 1.5 next month can you please give me the dumps.

Good resources.
I also found resources over at a site by the people who wrote exam cram series, there's a java exam practice applet and some other great resources too!
links here:
Hope this helps.

sorry i try make links clickable but not work so I put link in url area.

Hey Sandeep , could you send me the java1.5 dumps or other useful links for the certification preparation !
Thanks in advance !

Great article and once again it just travels to prove that: it's not anything you do, but how you will it!

Thanks for the links


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For me I need the really the paper that prove that I am passing the exam bcoz if we just rely on the phone communication we cannot say that really a proof that I passed... I would rather refer the paper prove than phone calls.

The one that really also be in our-self that we passed the said exam is the real paper result which we can say in our-self that I really did it and of course congratulate myself for a job well done and tell my friends that I passed the exam , some people are not favor just to say in mouth saying they want proof....they want real paper for them to see.

although I guess a little out of date now you reference some good material for learning java in general. This exam doesn't carry as much authority as it once did (I have passed 1.4) but still shows a good competency in Java

wow good info thanks

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