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Isn't it cool ?

pradeep_05_30_05 064.jpg

Pradeep talent to teesina photo.
Location: Kodak Theatre building, Hollywood Blvd, LA.


Yup, It's cool...

By the way, how did the restaurant pics come?

You never told you have blog ?
Anyways,Adding to myRSS list :-)


Edo create chesaanu raa... update chese opika ledu.. as usual.. Eppudo mari bore kodite rastaanu..

Hi Sandeep,
I am interested in knowing how you went about preparing. Did you give many mock tests? Where did you get hold of them? which book do you recommend. after from reading the book what else did you do... what about hands on...
Thanks in advance for your reply..
Best Regards

Hi Sandeep

I am interested too in information about the exam.
Please..Could you give me a review?


Good blog Sandeep. Even I have been planning to put up a blog for quite some time.. will get some inspiration from yours may be..

why don't you try www.hello.com (picasa) for images in the blog?