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August 31, 2005

Summer of 05

This summer was fun... too bad that its coming to an end.. wanted to post lot of things here but couldn't get a chance...

hollywood.jpg seaworld.jpg

Started off this summer with a trip to Los Angeles. Met pradeep, rajkiran after almost 2 years, went to Universal studios, Hollywood Blvd and Santa Monica beach.

Bought a car after the trip to LA and got the license (yeah that's right, i got the license after I bought the car). Have been driving a lot since then. Went to Duluth for the first time (never been to Duluth before though I was in Minneapolis for 2 years)

rainier.jpg snoqualmiefalls.jpg

Then was the trip to Seattle... Seattle and LA, both are on the west coast but they are a lot different. I felt seattle was more beautiful and close to nature than LA or San Diego. And surprisingly, it didn't rain for 3 consecutive days in Seattle!! The trip was amazing.. we went to Mount Rainier on a cloudy day and came back with out seeing the peak. But the hike was awesome.. The photo above should tell it all.. Snoqualmie falls was good too.. it was a steep hike to the bottom but it was well worth it... (the photo is from the top).

olympic1.jpg olympic2.jpg hurricaneridge.jpg

Olympic national forest was unbelievable.. I can never forget hiking at hurricane ridge... we took a new hike.. was very steep...found out there is no easy way out.. coming back sounded too scary... had to catch hold of trees and get down slowly.. went to the crescent lake, but could not go for boating as it was late already..


Came back to Minneapolis, but the party is not over yet.. The gang at Minneapolis planned for the valleyfair and it was non-stop. We ended up staying there till 11pm :). Apart from seeing places, watched movies, lots of them, went for bowling/pool more than a couple of times...overall, it was FUN...Well, the party is still not over... we are planning to put an exciting end to summer.. and what else could that be... WHITE WATER RAFTING!! Can't wait to do that though I am equally scared!

August 29, 2005

Andhramahabharatam - Project Kavitrayam

This is a group of people trying to write Andhramahabharatam in Unicode Telugu.
Visit Andhramahabharatam blog.
Join the Andhramahabharatam Google Group for updates.

August 3, 2005

Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD 310-090)

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