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July 6, 2006

July 04 2006 trip

Woww.. Its been an year since I blogged.. Did I do anything the whole year ?? Nah.. nothing.. visited a lot of places though.. Went to North Shore trip (Duluth, Lutsen, Grand Marais and Gunflint trail) in September, visited India in January, drove to South Dakota (Badlands, Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park) in May 06.

The recent trip was a blast.. had lots of fun.. scenic drives, beautiful outlooks, beaches, food, mafia... name anything.. we might have done that.. if you are wondering about mafia, its just a game..

It all started from Phoenix where the gang met. We met Prasad in Phoenix, stayed over at his place that night and started to Grand Canyon early in the morning. The drive to canyon was awesome.. hills.. forests.. We travelled in two cars(rental van and prasad's car) and guess what happens.. we got split.. we took a different route (entered the south rim from the eastern gate), in the van and the ppl in the car took the shorter route.. We took some nice pictures of the Canyon. Rain stopped our plan of staying in the canyon till sunset. Well, we changed our plans.. Vegas! yeah.. that's right. Las Vegas! Prasad left back to Phoenix and We reached vegas from Canyon in 3 and half hours but it took an hour and half to drive on the Las vegas Blvd aka the Strip. We were trying to find a desi restaurant on the strip and by the time we found it, it was closed. And Las Vegas was hot.. even in the night. We had food at Mc Donald's. Everybody was tired by then and didn't have the energy to roam around. We decided to preserve Las Vegas for another vacation.. We took some pictures and then left to Cambria, CA, where we wanted to cut into Highway 1 or Pacific Coastal Highway (PCH). Subbi covered a lot of distance in the 4 hours that he drove and I took over in the morning.

We reached Cambria around 9 in the morning and man..Pacific is beautiful..The first view of the Pacific early in the morning was so refreshing.. so beautiful with pacific on the left side and mountains on the right... PCH has some amazing, mindblowing views of the ocean, the clouds and the mountains.. We drove on the PCH for a few more hours when Vijay (kodi) came up with a brilliant idea/script for a balakrishna movie.. Each of us then became the producer, director, script writer and cinematographer and recorded a press meet which turned out to be hilarious.. we reached SFO in the evening, had dinner and started playing mafia.. we played mafia for about 3 hours and then slept. The next day was the day with the most fun.. we started in three cars.. Me, Kapil, Kodi and Ravi drove in the convertible.. we drove to the Golden Gate bridge then took Hwy 1 to muir woods and reached Stinson beach..The water was really really cold, but we did not have a second thought before getting into the water.. we were in the ocean for more than an hour.. had lot of fun playing frisbee and posing for the photos.. We drove back to San Francisco downtown from the beach, went to Ghirardelli chocolate factory.. we took a sunset boat trip which covered the Golden gate bridge and Alcatraz.. Golden gate under the golden yellow sunset was beautiful, to say the least. We came back from the boat trip and had some hard time to find Shalimar restaurant in Jones street, SFO. And finally when we reached there, we saw something that was totally unexpected. We saw a person getting mugged live and let me tell you, it was scary. Shalimar was like any other Irani chai place in Hyderabad but the food was really good.. We finally reached home after covering Mountain view and Sunnyvale. It was 1:30 by the time we reached home.

We woke up late the next day.. went to eat out and came back to see the soccer match Germany vs Italy.. we went to stanford after the match, took some pics and got home, packed stuff and left to the airport.. well, after the 4 days, coming back to work really sucks!

Pictures from this trip