May 22, 2005

Yahoo LAUNCHCast 'Error code:27 - .rapi_common_js_composite_1_19'

After a long time I wanted to hear some songs on Yahoo LAUNCHcast. Every time I tried to open it, I was getting this strange error 'Error code:27 - .rapi_common_js_composite_1_19'. After Googling it, I found out that I have to allow pop-ups from * for LAUNCHcast to play. I allowed the pop-ups in Tools->Pop-up Blocker->Pop-up Blocker Settings in the Internet Explorer. I also made the changes in the Yahoo pop-up blocker that comes with Yahoo toolbar.. Still facing the same problem. It was just getting irritating when I found out that Norton Internet Security 2003 had an inbuilt pop-up blocker with it. After turning off the NIS pop-up blocker, it worked!

It is surprising that I could not find any information in the Yahoo web site with the error code. May be they should have a list of Error codes and possible solutions some where!