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September 15, 2004

Posting Research to this Blog

Did you know that this blog is integrated into the U of MN's library website? When you're doing research, many of the things you find will have a small icon next to it called "Find It!". One great example of a database that is "Find It! Enabled" is the MLA International Bibliography.

Find more in the full entry.

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Course Syllabus

Here is a copy of the course syllabus, in case you need it.


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September 9, 2004

this is a neat test

Here is the text of my draft to be.

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How's it Work?

This entry explains a little bit about how blogs work and also how you can use this blog. It's really easier than you think!

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Why a blog?

Why bother with the blog? Well, you don’t have to use it, but I think it can be very useful. Blogs make it easy to collaborate on writing – a group member can post a draft and the other groups members all see it at the same time and can comment – and see each other’s comments at the same time, too.

A blog is also nicer than most traditional Web Forum systems (like what you may have used in WebCT) in that nearly everything has its own easily printable web page. I also happen to think it has an easier interface and looks nicer overall. All sorts of information is taken care of automatically – time of posting, who posted it, putting it in the right category within the page, etc.

A blog is also a good place to post more general class stuff. For example, I’ll be putting this information on the class blog. You can also post general stuff for the whole class there, as well – like technical questions, research tips, whatever.

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September 7, 2004

Hi there everybody

This is just a first post to make sure this blog is moving along. My name is Dieter Bohn, and I'm the web-assistant for the VG program. If you have any tech-related questions that have to do with this class, I'm the guy you'll want to contact. You can do that by emailing me at bohn0025@umn.edu

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