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In Response: Color Theory

Color theory is a very complex way to describe the ways we use color. In my opinion it is a bit subjective when talking about it in generality. However, when color is put into practice and used for some specific purpose it would be proper to think of color more objectively.

Munsell's work in defining color by hue, value, and saturation really connected with me and made sense when I first learned about his work. I feel comfort in defined perceptually uniform colors.

This is a fun Munsell-based hue test.

In Response: The Astonish Me Problem

This is a great collection and observation of illusions. Optical effects have the great ability to really get observers to interact with what they're presented. I would agree though that successful and desired effects were stated in, "Devices and Illusions only really work when their use is entirely justified and supports the central premise of a campaign."

There are a lot of great examples used in this article. I've even looked at "See Saw" (the UMD library has this) and saw lots of additional techniques that could be employed. These are things to keep in mind when you want to quickly gain a viewers interest.


During the final semester of my third year it seems like I've fallen behind on my graphic design classes, but I'm glad to take them on. I've spent a good portion of my time focusing on my second major in studio art. This Graphic Design course should put me in practice and develop my skills as an artist/designer. I hope some of our assignments will take advantage of my interests in poster art and screen printing. Maybe I'll expand on what's possible with screen printing.

Heads up on some house shows coming up. Both of which I've done artwork for and screen printing.

First, In Defence w/ Dios Mio, Bring That Shit, and Indulge Saturday, January 23 @ The Banana Hammock 1113 E 4th St.


Second, Total Fucking Blood w/ The Keep Aways, and Hard Feelings Friday, January 29 @ The Maxipad (my place) 518 N 6th Ave E


You can follow my personal work on my Blogger blog.

A Source of Inspiration

For years I've grown up with an increasing interest in screen printed posters. The first poster artists I began taking notice of were some local heads from the Twin Cities area, David Witt and Adam Turman. I was particularly drawn in not only because of the excellence in artwork, but because of the ties to people, places, and time it made.

DWITT (David Witt)

Adam Turman

American poster art seems to have increased in popularity over the past few years. The internet provides instant connection for like minded poster creatives and printers. It has expanded to a global scale and spawned Flatstock by the American Printing Institute. An event to display primarily poster work to the public. GigPosters.com is a common online meeting ground for professionals in the field of printing, artists/designers, and those who are new to the whole game.

ISO50 (Scott Hansen)

Jay Ryan

I was surprised when I found out that some of my favorite work was being printed nearby in Minneapolis headed by Mike Davis and Wes Winship of Burlesque of North America. It includes work by themselves, Todd Bratrud, Aaron Horkey and more!

Wes Winship and Mike Davis

Todd Bratrud

Aaron Horkey

There are so many poster artists I'd love to showcase, but I'll have to save it for later. Later!

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