During the final semester of my third year it seems like I've fallen behind on my graphic design classes, but I'm glad to take them on. I've spent a good portion of my time focusing on my second major in studio art. This Graphic Design course should put me in practice and develop my skills as an artist/designer. I hope some of our assignments will take advantage of my interests in poster art and screen printing. Maybe I'll expand on what's possible with screen printing.

Heads up on some house shows coming up. Both of which I've done artwork for and screen printing.

First, In Defence w/ Dios Mio, Bring That Shit, and Indulge Saturday, January 23 @ The Banana Hammock 1113 E 4th St.


Second, Total Fucking Blood w/ The Keep Aways, and Hard Feelings Friday, January 29 @ The Maxipad (my place) 518 N 6th Ave E


You can follow my personal work on my Blogger blog.

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