In Response: Matthew Lyons

From a recent post on ISO50 about Matthew Lyons.

The process post about Matthew's development of this specific image, The Snide of a Scoundrel Man from his project Faux Film Stills, shares with us some of the choices he had to make and why. This involves composition, body language, and narrative. I think it definitely expresses a jerky awkwardness because of the deliberate use of straight edged lines and angles. This works with his aim to create an eerie environment. I've noticed in this illustration and in a few others, Matthew makes use of a strikingly simple horizontal line making everything seem to connect instantly.

Looking at other work of his, this image creates a relationship between what's in the hole of the 'O' and a face hole 'O'. This image has a nice clean message in the flat darkness and as you move to the right we see an experience that's still fresh in any heavy computer user's memory. Some of us lucky ones still get to deal with this every once in a while.

Looking back at your assignment I think I may have misread what your intentions were. Were we supposed to analyze the page layout of some article?

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