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In Response: Chp. 2+3 of The Layout Book

In relation to Project Three I will essentially be working the design from the bottom up. I will be using landscape paintings that are referred to in the writing I am designing for in the second brief.

This includes painters of the Hudson River School, Frederic Edwin Church (primarily), John Frederick Kensett, and Sanford Robinson Gifford.

After these readings I will try and keep it simple due to time restraints and to emphasize the focus on the reading. The body copy will literally be framed like a piece of artwork "hung" in the space of the artwork treated as a real space.

Process: Culture Counts Poster Entry


String figures have been used across all cultures to express ideas and concepts. A ring of multi-colored strings tied together represents the diversity of cultures. The hands work in cooperation by mimicking the binding knots and overall reinforcing the circle. This is a sign of unity and wholeness.

The main image derives itself from another concept. Below it is a series of hands that illustrate the actions necessary to develop cultural relationships. At the end is a looping symbol that suggests repetition. It is a reminder that this dialogue must be continued in order to maintain mutual understanding.

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